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For your service to date database of objects RAH. On our site, you canto study the documentation on interesting real estate, know the conditionspurchase and select the object of interest.

The choice is not limited to the online database objects. You canI request a brief selection of the desired characteristics of the object.

how to buy


RAH implementing facilities like the auction, as well as through direct sales(without bidding). Information about the conditions of sale of a particular lotlocated on the corresponding page of the catalog objects.

  • Huge selection of objects
  • As for property across Russia
  • Гибкие условия сделки

what is

direct sale

Продажа осуществляется без проведения торгов или в рамках продажи до аукциона.
Данный формат продажи объектов недвижимости позволяет провести сделку по схеме и цене согласованной с собственником Объекта и учитывающей пожелания Покупателя по срокам и форме оплаты.

how to buy

the object at auction

For lots sold at auction appointed date and time of the auction.Interested parties may participate in the auction. We establish the basic conditions of the auction:

  • auction step
  • The size of the deposit
  • Starting price

Object sold at a price determined in the auction.

  • Надежность проводимых торгов
  • Юридическая защита покупателя
  • More than 32 thousand objects in the database
  • Different objects on sale

how to find the right

real estate object

At your service Database Objects.
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Мы в кратчайшие сроки предложим подборку подходящих под запрос объектов.

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