One of the most important activities of the Auction House of the Russian Federation is the sale of property, secured by state companies and corporations. AHRF has been developing this line since 2010. By the order of major Russian owners of real estate the AHRF sales at classical and e-auctions non-core, not used in the main activity of the companies released assets, namely land plots, property complexes of enterprises, residential and commercial real estate – buildings and premises of different purposes, shares and movable property – motor transport and others.

The clients of the AHRF in this area are: Ministry of Defense of the RF, OJSC Administrative Management of Ministry of Culture of Russia, JSC Garrison, OJSC RZhD, PJSC FGC UES (Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System), PJSC Rosseti, JSC Rosgeology, GC ASV Group of Companies “Deposit Ensurance Agency”), OJSC Rosatom, PJSC Gazprom, Federal State Unitary Enterprise “GosNIIAS”, OJSC Roscartography, JSC Airline “Russia”, Concern “Almaz-Antey”.

The sales of the last two years demonstrate a clear trend – a rapid growth of a number of deals of major state companies and companies with the state participation. The following can be stated with confidence: in the market of real estate appeared a new major player, which appearance will affect both a value of commercial real estate and the rules of playing in the market.

The biggest deals

By order of JSC Garrison
• Territory of the former artillery factory in Marshal Blyukher Avenue in Saint Petersburg for housing construction
Plot area – 18.2 ha
Total amount of the deals – 982 million RUR.

• Territory with an area of 5.9 ha for redevelopment in Gzhatskaya Street in Moscow
Amount of the deal – 2.2 billion RUR
Excess ratio – 1.6
Buyer – GC Pioneer.

By order of subsidiary company of OJSC RZhd (Russian Railways”)
• Villa on the Black Sea coast
Total building area – 1.2 thousand sq. m
Land plot area – 2.7 thousand sq. m
Sale price – 186 million RUR
Access ratio – 1.3.

• The “Zarubino” motor terminal in Primorsk Territory.
Sale price – 183 million RUR.

By order of subsidiary company of PJSC Rosseti
• Office building in Pushkin District of Saint Petersburg
Total building area – 3.5 thousand sq. m
Sale price – 115 million RUR
Excess ratio – 1.2.

By order of subsidiary company of JSC Rosgeology
• Property complex, a building with a land plot in Irkutsk
Total building area – 1.8 thousand sq. m
Land plot area – 1.0 thousand sq. m
Sale price – 133.2 million RUR.

By order of OJSC Atomenergomash
• Kazarmy (the Barracks) property complex in Saint Petersburg
Buildings area – 18 thousand sq. m
Plot area – 2.1 ha
Sale price – 454 million RUR.

By order of Almaz-Antey concern
• Land plots for redevelopment in Moscow and Saint Petersburg
Total plots area – 10.9 ha
Total price of sale – 1.9 billion RUR
Average access ratio – 1.5.

• “Khimki” property complex in Moscow
Plot area – 44 ha
Total buildings area – 7.5 thousand sq. m
Sale price – 630 million RUR.

• Land plot for redevelopment in Moscow, in Lefortovo area
Plot area – 10.9 ha
Sale price – 1.9 billion RUR.

By order of JSC Roscartography
• Building of Omsk cartographic factory
Plot area – 6.7 thousand sq. m
Building area – 5.2 thousand sq. m
Sale price – 57.8 million rubles.

By order of PJSC FGC UES
• Land plot for placing civil engineering infrastructure in Moscow
Plot area – 14.3 ha
Sale price – 1.48 billion RUR.