Up for sale has a mini-hotel on the Black Sea coast

May 28, Russian Auction House (RAD) has appointed auction for the sale of mini-hotel located in the resort of Sochi on the Black Sea, the press service of the RAD. Starting price - 90 million rubles. The object is a three-story brick building with an area of ​​1.3 sq. M. m with a land area of ​​2.7 sq. m. m, it is provided with all necessary utilities (electricity, heat and gas, water, sewerage). Number fund of mini-hotel has 16 rooms for 29 seats. "This object belongs to the sanatorium complex" October ", which is one of the best equipped resorts in Sochi. During the long years of its existence in the complex to form a stable pool of customers. Thus, buying a mini-hotel, the investor receives the future business, which can generate revenue without additional investments ", - said the deputy director general RAD Dinara Useinov.

Sergei Ivanov