In Samara during the last two years four times growth of investment activity was noticed

On 6th of December in Samara at the Business and Authority: Vectors of Communication as a Part of the Strategy of Leadership Forum the ministers of the Region Government and business community of the region got together. The participants summed up the results of this year and discussed the most efficient ways of authority and business communication.
The event was supported by the Samara Region Government.
The speakers noticed that for today in Samara Region there were all resources to be among the leading regions of the country. So, one of the main tasks – to create the efficient cooperation of authority and business community in all areas of activity.
Andrey Stepanenko, General Director of the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) and the member of the “Business Russia” All-Russian Public Association, also supported a general opinion, noticed, that Samara Region – one of the most positive, constructive regions, opened for cooperative work. This is confirmed by four times growth of number of the AHRF deals in the Region during last two years! “We have no such work indicators in any other region of Russia”, – added General Director of the Auction House of the Russian Federation.

In his Investments in the State Property as a Modern Trend of Russian Economy speech Andrey Stepanenko spoke about importance of the state assets for the region economy development.
According to Andrey Stepanenko, the investment climate in the country and in the regions largely depends on a public market of the state property and property related to public-private partnership. “The more dynamic it is, the more dynamic business is, as the state and the largest owners of assets – the state corporations and the state-owned banks – are still the main owners of property. And all them sell openly”, – thinks Andrey Stepanenko.
As an example he gave a positive dynamic of the AHRF deals in the state interests in Volga Region, noticed a steady growth of it during recent years.

Having completed his speech, General Director of the AHRF expressed readiness to help the Government of Samara Region to attract investors as a part of the Region Strategy of Leadership.

In the end of the evening Andrey Stepanenko ceremonially handed a diploma For Development of Favorable Conditions for Increasing of Investment Attraction of the Region to Dmitry Azarov, Governor of Samara Region.