Address: exhibition hall of the Auction House of the Russian Federation,
Gostiny Dvor, Khrustalny per., d. 1.
Exhibition opening: 1 March 2012 at 19:00
Runs from: 10.01 - 14.03.2012

At the exhibition hall of the Auction House of the Russian Federation, a personal exhibition of the young artist Semyon Kozhin is opening.
Semyon Kozhin is an outstanding adherent of the Russian realistic school, a graduate of the Russian Academy of painting, sculpture and architecture. He aspires to absolute fidelity in the depiction of reality.
“I am guided by the desire to create the sort of art which would tell the truth about the surrounding world,” Semyon says. “Any depiction is subjective. But I hope that my painting is close to nature and harmony. I do what I find interesting, what I believe it. And so I try to find unusual motifs and themes, and I travel a great deal, read and look around.”
The artist’s range of interests is unusually wide: historical painting, portrait, still life, landscape. His approach to working on each new canvas is unusual, he has no formulas, and no typical method.
Around 200 works are on display at the exhibition from the artist’s workshop and private collections, and many of them will be displayed for the first time. The multi-faceted talent of the artist can be seen at the exhibition, which manifests itself in still lifes, in the subtle psychological atmosphere of his portraits, and in his genre painting.
The landscape painting of the artist is worthy of particular attention. For all the diversity of the landscapes on display at the exhibition, they share a common feature: Kozhin not only tries to convey his impression from what he sees, but to experience it, to find and reflect his knowledge of nature, and create its intellectual portrait.
The genre and historical works of the artist are characterized by an enormous scholarly interest, which is seen most vividly in the painting “The Russian Hunt”. This work is given a central place in the exhibition, and is displayed to the wider public for the first time.
Semyon Kozhin lives and works in Moscow, is a member of the Creative Union of Russian Artists, and has been exhibiting his works since 2000, both in Russia and abroad – in Europe, America and China. Works by the artist are held in museum collections, private and corporate collections, in Russia and abroad.


Personal exhibitions

2001 Personal exhibition at the exhibition hall in the village of Haddenham (UK)
2002 Personal exhibition. Central House of Artists. (Moscow)
2008 Exhibition on the Pushkin embankment organized with the support of the JSA Sporting Marketing Agency as part of the Moscow international regatta (6 September 2008). (Moscow)
2009 Personal exhibition at the gallery “Igra Voobrazheniya”. (Moscow)
2011 “To the Sources”. Exhibition at the Russian Presidential Office of the Vologda Oblast. (Moscow)
2011 Personal exhibition at the village of Radchenko. (Tver Oblast, Konakovsky region. Russia).
2011 “The Creative Artist is not a Craftsman” at the Nekrasov library (Moscow)

Group exhibition

2001 Exhibition at the Russian State Lenin Library (Moscow)
2003 Exhibition at the “Fresh Art” Business and Planning Center (London, UK)
2003 “There’s a Little Horse in Us All”. “Na Staromonetnom” Gallery. (Moscow)
2004 “Winter, Winter, All Around”. “Na Staromonetnom” Gallery. (Moscow)
2004 “Energy of Flowers”. Collyer-Bristow gallery. (London)
2005 Exhibition of Primavera Creative Association. Central House of Artists. (Moscow)
2005 “Modern Russian”. Collyer-Bristow gallery. (London)
2005 Exhibition at the “Russian traditions” restoration center. (Moscow)
2005 “The Seasons”. “Na Staromonetnom” antique gallery. (Moscow)
2005 “Russian Traditions”. Russian Embassy. (Washington, USA)
2005 “New Russian Painting”. Oriel Gallery (Dublin, Ireland)
2006 “Modern Russian Painting”. The Carlton Hotel. (St Moritz, Switzerland)
2006 “London – Paris – New York”. Collyer-Bristow Gallery (London, UK)
2007 “20 Years of the Academy”, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Manege Central exhibition hall. (Moscow)
2007 “Life Cycle” in the crypt of St Pancras’ Cathedral. Bash Creation Art gallery. (London,
2007 Official exhibition of Russian sport. All-Russian center Sport-7 (Moscow)
2007 “Capital Holiday”. Gostiny Dvor. (Moscow)
2007 “Master 2007”. All-Russian Exhibition Center. (Moscow)
2007 “Russian Miracle”. All-Russian Exhibition Center. (Moscow)
2008 “Poetry of Truth”. Les Oreades gallery, Central House of Artists. (Moscow)
2008 Exhibition at Energy Systems of Russia as part of “Academia+”, with the support of the Cultural Foundation of the Russian Federation (Moscow)
2008 “Europe in Spring”. Oriel Gallery. (Dublin, Ireland)
2008 “Alexander Kolotilov and young landscape painters”. “N-prospect” Gallery. (St. Petersburg)
2009 “Modern Russian painting”. Oriel Gallery. (Dublin, Ireland)
2009 “Traditions of Modernity”, part of the project “Game of Imagination”. Chaliapin Gallery.
2009 International Exhibition of Northeast Asian painting, photography, sculpture and calligraphy, with the support of the Altai collectors’ union (Changchun, China)
2009 6th International exhibition of modern art “RUSSIAN ART WEEK” (Moscow – St. Petersburg)
2009 “Attraction of realism”. Izmailovo gallery. (Moscow)
2010 “The Road to the Church”, exhibition with the support of the International Foundation “Cultural Heritage, regional office of the United Russia political party and the St. Petersburg Metropolitanate. “N-Prospect” gallery. (St. Petersburg)
2010 “First time at CHA”, organized by “N-Prospect” gallery. CHA. (Moscow)
2010 “Heirs of traditions”, exhibition from the funds of the Moscow academic artistic lyceum. Russian art academy Museum exhibition complex. (Moscow)
2010 “Moscow hospitality”, exhibition with the support of the Moscow government. “Russkaya Usadba” gallery. (Moscow)
2011 “Klykovo. The Seasons”. “Obraz” Gallery . (Kaluga)
2011 “Attraction of Realism”. Izmailovo gallery. (Moscow)
2011 “Klykovo. The Seasons”. Kozelsk area studies museum. (Kozelsk)
2011 “Great things in small things”. Organized by “N-Prospect” gallery, CHA-2011 Salon. (Moscow)