Astrakhan Region a sports complex is offered for sale with up to 80% discount

The Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) will hold biddings as a part of a bankruptcy procedure of the “Shipyard Krasnye Barrikady” (the Red Barricades Shipyard).
For sale offered the Korabel Sports Complex, which includes an open football stadium with an area of 4.3 thousand sq. m and mini field with an area of 1.5 thousand sq. m with a grandstands, as well as administrative building with an area of 98.8 sq. m.
The Object is located in a distance of 30 km from Astrakhan, in the centre of Krasnye Barrikady Industrial Community.
Address: 10, Mira Str., Krasnye Barrikady Industrial Community, Ikryaninskiy District, Astrakhan Region.

A future investor can use the complex for his own training facility.

The bidding will be held through public offer at the ETP AHRF Electronic Trading Platform during the period from 3rd December, 2018 until 5th April, 2019. During this period the Lot cost will be decreasing gradually.
The biddings started from 23.9 million rubles.
For today the price reduced to 14.3 million rubles.
MINIMUM price – 3.5 million rubles.