An investor for restoration of a historic Grebnyovo Homestead in Moscow Region is found

On 16th of May the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) held an auction for involving investors in restoration of the Grebnyovo Homestead Complex in Grebnyovo Village in Moscow Region. At different times the Homestead was owned by an armourer of Ivan the Terrible – Bogdan Belskiy, the Vorontsovs, Princes Golitsins, Trubetskoys and others.

The complex includes 8 buildings (the main palace, gates, stable yard, outbuildings and others) with a total area of 4.2 thousand sq. m and a land plot with an area of 47.8 ha.

Two bidders took part in the auction.
The auction Winner – the LLC Grebnyovo Homestead – offered for the Lot the amount of 80.1 million rubles.

The auction was held on behalf of the Administrative Directorate of the Ministry of Culture of Russia.

The Object is the Monument of Federal Significance. The buyer must carry out repair and restoring works and adapt it for a modern use for recreational or administrative purposes: for rest house placement, hotel, SPA or treatment-and-recovery centre, offices and so on.

For reference:
The Grebnyovo Homestead was built in the late XVI century.
One of the first owners of the Homestead in cadastres of 1584-1586 Vasiliy Fyodorov Vorontsov was registered. Then the Homestead was given to Bogdan Ya. Belskiy, who was servicing an armourer of Ivan the Terrible. But after the Time of Troubles the Homestead was returned to a previous owner – the Vorontsovs, and then was owned by the clan of princes Trybetskoys during the period of more than a century and a half.
When the first person from Trubetskoys clan – Prince Dmitriy T. Trubetskoy – owned the Grebnyovo, a broad pond was created, until today saved the Landlord’s Ponds name.
In 1781 the Homestead was bought by the wife of Gavrila I. Bibikov – Tatyana Ya., nee Tverdysheva. When Gavrila I. Bibikov owned the Homestead, the architectural ensemble of the Homestead was created, reached the modern times with some changes.
When Gavrila I. Bibikov owned the Homestead, a stone church was built, it was sanctify in 1791 for the sake of the Grebnyovo Icon of the Mother of God, according a legend brought to Dmitriy Donskoy by cossaks after the Battle of Kulikovo.
At the beginning of 1817 Prince Sergey M. Golitsin – the next owner of the Homestead – involved an architect Oldelli, then an architect N. I. Deryugin.
The time of princes Golitsins added to the Homestead’s beauty a triumphalism of the front entrance gates and a greatness of the Empire of St. Nicholas Church, sanctified in 1823. The stable yard was being built up very interesting: a manege, demonstrative stables, carriage sheds, grooms’ bedrooms and office were there. In 1830-1832 an architect Bykovskiy built a two-story stone hospital.
After selling the Grebnyovo Village by Golitsins in 1845, the Homestead over and over again was changing the owners. At different times a distillery and a vitriolic plant were established there. In outhouses silk-weaving mills worked, which were changed by a “Small Lamb” Plant for manufacturing of artificial astrakhan owned by merchants Fedotovs. In 1913 Fyodor A. Grinevskiy, a Moscow doctor, purchased the Homestead and organized a sanatorium in it.