A warehouse complex of UNISTO Petrostal in Saint Petersburg is offered for sale with a 20% discount

On 16th May the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) will hold the second auction on behalf of UNISTO Petrostal GC.
The company's property, pledged under a credit in Sberbank PJSC (being saled with the consent of the bank) – a production and warehouse complex with an area of 11.2 thousand sq. m, with three land plots with a total area of 2 ha, is offered for sale.

The complex is located in industrial zone near the intersection of the Ring Road and Tallinn Highway, 10 minutes from Ligovo railway station.
Address: 7И, Rabochaya Str., Staro-Panovo, Saint Petersburg.

Currently, about 75% of the complex is rented out to various companies. Monthly rent income is about 2.4 million rubles.

The auction will be held according to Dutch scheme.
Starting price – 195 million rubles.
MINIMUM price – 155 million rubles.
For the purchase preferential terms of credit are provided by Sberbank PJSC.

“The scheme of descending price auction is caused by the fact, that for the company now it is important to sell the asset quickly to pay off creditors and to lower a credit burden. This will allow us to concentrate available resources on the construction”, – says Vladimir Andreev, Executive Director of Unisto Petrostal GC. – Taking into account the current price, it is a very profitable investment proposal: 3,000 rubles for 1 sq. m of land of industrial purpose, provided with engineering services and utilities, and 10,000 rubles for 1 sq. m. of buildings”.

“In fact, a ready rent business with stable income is being sold. Taking into consideration the location, the proposal may also be interesting for investors of the same sector of economy – production companies and transportation logistics companies. An additional advantage became a 20% discount”, – says Raisa Muratova, Acting Head of Commercial Department of the AHRF.