Land for construction of a warehouse and office center in the industrial park Indigo New Moscow

The Auction House of the Russian Federation (OJSC AHRF) is preparing for sale of 100% of shares of LLC “Altera”, which owns the land plot with an area of 0.9 he.
The plot is located in Nikolo-Khovanskoye Village , Sosenki Settlement , Moscow.
In this area the future owner can build a storage and office center with an area not less than 9 thousand sq. m.
Starting price 80 million rubles.
The plot is fully ready for development, in April 2015 the City Development Plan was obtained , the Specifications for connection to engineering services (gas supply , water supply , electric power supply , sewerage) are paid , project documentation is developed.
The area has a very profitable location for placement of the storage and office center near major highways 2 km to Kaluga Highway , 3 km to Kiev Highway and 3.5 km to Moscow Ring Road. The plot is located on the territory of the Indigo Industrial Park construction project , which includes the integrated development of 13 thousand he of land. On the Park territory the construction of about 20 million sq. m. of housing , 0.6 million sq. m. objects of social infrastructure and 3 million sq. m. of commercial real estate is planned.
“The plot has an advantageous location close to major highways. In addition the New Moscow development project covers an extension of Sokolniki subway line one of the new stations will be located close to the Indigo Industrial Park. This will make this area more accessible and interesting for the future tenants.
Currently , the Industrial Park is under dynamic construction. The storage complexes , available on the territory , are almost 100% stocked. This fact means that logistics facilities are in demand on the given territory. This factor combined with the relatively low cost of the given plot determines the profitability of a project for the future investor.
In accordance with our assessment the payback period for the logistics object ,taking into consideration the period of construction , will be 67 years”(Dmitry Petrakov , Head of Department for Work with Commercial Real Estate).