An auction for the sale of the biggest state printing house – OJSC Tyumen Printing House – is announced

On 30th of March the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) has scheduled the auction for the sale of federal block of shares from the Forecast Privatization Program for 2014-2016.
For sale offered 100% block of shares of OJSC Tyumen Printing House.
Starting price – 280 million rubles.

“The auction for the sale of 100% block of shares of Tyumen Printing House is not an ordinary event for regional market. The Printing House is one of the biggest printing houses in the region, fitted up with new equipment and able to produce significant volumes of printed products. Besides this, the enterprise owns a commercial real estate in Osipenko and Vorovskogo streets” – tells Dmitry Suslikov, Director of Tyumen Branch Office of the AHRF.

Undoubtedly in this asset should be interested both players of publishing business and system investors, which are attracted by its location and almost 100% occupancy of the office building by tenants. Thereby, the starting price of lot equal to 280 million RUR (in terms of meters only for buildings located in Osipenko Street – this is not less than 16 thousand RUR per sq. m) seems to be well-equitable for the given asset.
As for the rumors, passed from one person to another through regional mass media, about allegedly expected demolition of the building and further traditional development of the plot with residential buildings – I consider them to be absolutely ungrounded”, – adds Dmitry Suslikov.

The enterprise owns several objects of commercial real estate in Tyumen:
• Property complex with an area of 20.2 thousand sq. m with land plots with total area of 2.5 he.
Address: 81, Osipenko Street.
• Building with an area of 2.1 thousand sq. M with a land plot with an area of 8.7 thousand sq. m.
Address: 16, Vorovskogo Street.

For detailed information about the Object of sale please see the website of the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF)