Bidding within the framework of the privatization of the Moscow Region property Two buildings on Sadovoe Koltso (the Garden Ring) sold with 30% excess of the starting price

On 17th of March the Auction House of the Russian Federation (RAD) sold at auction the real estate of the Moscow Region in the center of Moscow at the address:
10/13, Sadovaya-Triumfalnaya Street.

Two-story office building (the area – 322 sq. m.) and a garage (the area – 295.2 sq. m.) for 8 cars were sold at the action as a single lot. All objects are in good condition.

To participate in the auction three applications were registered.
During the auction the bidders carried out 9 steps to increase the starting price.
The auction Winner – OJSC “GK STROY-LUX” – offered for the Lot 121,900,950 rubles (starting price – 95,985,000 rubles).

For reference:
In 2013 the Auction House of the Russian Federation won the competitive tender of the Ministry of Property Relations of the Moscow Region for the right to sell the property of the Region. Under the terms of the Contract RAD for five years will hold auctions for the sale of title to blocks of shares, shares in authorized capital stock, real estate and land plots owned by the Moscow Region.
To date, in the interests of the Moscow Region deals were made for the total amount of more than 1.2 billion rubles.