Biddings for the sale of block of shares of the PJSC Rosseti

On 17 of August the Auction House of the Russian Federation held an auction for the sale of block of shares of the PJSC Rosseti, the largest power grid company, in the number of 1.08 billion pieces, which is 0.54% of the authorized capital of the Company.

The biddings were held on behalf of the PJSC FGC UES

A Buyer, GENNORD PROJECTS LIMITED, purchased the Lot for the amount of 900 million rubles.

During 5 working days the Winner of the auction must sign a sale contract and during 30 calendar days since the date of the contract signing must pay the deal.

For reference:
According to the data of an official website of the PJSC Rosseti the largest shareholders of the Company are: the Russian Federation, represented by the Federal Agency for Management of the State Property – 88.04% of AC and the GazpromFinance B. V., 1.28% of AC.