Auctions for sale of property of Russian Railways

The Auction House of the Russian Federation under agreement with Russian Railways is selling two locomotives.

Both locomotives were manufactured at the Bryansk machine-building factory and are now in the depot in Kem. The first lot is a TEM2 manufactured in 1968 (the engine is a diesel PDG1 M with a gas turbo charger).

The technical condition of the locomotive is satisfactory. Technical servicing works must be carried out (not an overhaul). The starting price is 1,888,000 rubles. The second lot is a TEM1 manufactured in 1961 (the engine is a diesel 2 D50 with a gas turbo changer), and is in an unsatisfactory condition. The starting price is 896,800 rubles. The locomotives are in the maneuver class and are designed for shunting work (forming and taking apart trains, and transporting wagons over relatively short distances). The auctions will be held on 22 September.