Cost of an office building near Moscovskiye Vorota subway station is reduced to 25%

On 27th of April the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) will hold the second auction for the sale of office building with an area 1.7 thousand sq. m with a land plot with an area of 592 sq. m.
The building is located in a business centre of Saint Petersburg, surrounded by the state institutions, offices of companies, health and business centres. In two-minute walking distance there is Moskovskiye Vorota subway station, in close proximity there are Moscow and Ligovskiy avenues, in the distance of 1.5 km there is the Ring Road junction.
Address: 107, building 3, letter O, Moscow Av.

Earlier the cost of the building was 140 million rubles, now the price is reduced and amounts 120.9 million rubles.
The biddings will be held in Dutch format (descending price auction).
MINIMUM price – 104.9 million rubles.
So, a future investor has a possibility to purchase the building with a 25% discount of the initial price.

“The building arose a high interest among investors, but, to their opinion, was somewhat overestimated. For this reason the Owner made a decision on the cost drop and changed the bidding format for the Dutch auction”, – comments Dmitry Altbregin, Head of Commercial Department of the AHRF.

The building was constructed in 1899, recently the overhaul was made.
On the adjacent territory a small parking is available.

For detailed information about the property please see the website of the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF)