Cost of the Lastochka Recreation Centre is reduced to 50%

On 12 December at the Electronic Trading Platform of the Auction House of the Russian Federation (ETP AHRF) the second biddings will be held for the sale of the Lastochka Recreation Centre on the Black Sea coast in Tuapsinskiy District of Krasnodar Territory.
The sale is carried out on behalf of LLC SB Invest.

The biddings will be held in Dutch format (a descending price auction).
The starting price of the recreation centre – 299 million rubles – can be reduced during the auction to 149.9 million rubles, i. e by 50%.

The Centre is located in Novomikhaylovskiy Village in a unique solitary bay, from three sides surrounded by hills and a forest. In a distance of 4 km there is M4 Federal Highway (Moscow-Krasnodar).

The Centre consists of residential and office buildings with a total area of 8,000 sq. m, as well as a land plot with an area of 24.7 ha, extended towards the Black Sea coast. An own beach with a length of 500 m with a pier are available.
A design capacity of the Centre is 1,200 people.

“Investors, first of all, are interested in the plot itself, on which the Lastochka is located. A unique location and natural and climatic characteristics allow to construct there a modern hotel and entertaining complex, aqua park, SPA centre, apartments or cottages for temporary staying”, – comments Olga Zheludkova, Head of Department for Work with Troubled and Non-Core Assets of Banks of the AHRF.

For detailed information about the Object of sale please see the website of the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF)