Held the auction for the sale of federal property under the Long-Range Privatization Plan for 2014–2016

On 14 April the Auction House of the Russian Federation (OJSC AHRF) sold at auction 100% of the federal block of shares of “Road Operational Enterprise № 23”.
The object is included in the Long-Range Privatization Plan for 2014–2016.
Three applicants took part in the auction.
Sale price – 87 million rubles.
The auction Winner – CJSC “MOSTOTREST-SERVICE”.

Road Enterprise № 23 has valid contracts for maintenance of the M-8 “Kholmogory”, A-107 “Moscow Small Ring Road” and the A-108 "Moscow Large Ring Road”.
The company is located at the address: 193 , Yaroslavl highway , town of Pushkino , Moscow region.
Totally RAD was transferred for sale about 40 pcs. of 100% blocks of shares in road enterprises throughout Russia.
Of them more than half are located in Moscow region and adjacent areas. The enterprises maintain the federal highways , providing traffic between the capital and neighboring regions.
In late May – early June there will be bidding referring to road operation enterprises (ROE) of Moscow region – ROE № 30, ROE № 19, ROE № 20, ROE № 25,ROE № 26 and ROE № 14, as well as of neighboring regions – ROE № 27 (Yaroslavl region) and ROE № 44 (Smolensk region).
All enterprises are operating, have their own production sites, equipped with the necessary machinery and equipment for repair and maintenance of roads. Manufacturing facilities are located near the federal highways , which maintenance the enterprises carry out under the state contracts or the tender sub-contracts.

For reference:
The Auction House of the Russian Federation is included in the list of federal property sellers by the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of 25 October, 2010 № 1874-p. In 2013 the first tranche of state-owned blocks of shares of enterprises in various sectors of the economy were transferred to the company for sale.
To date the total amount of transactions of the Auction House of the Russian Federation in the given field is 2.8 billion rubles.
Currently for sale are being prepared about 200 federal blocks of shares of companies included in the Prognostic Program of Privatization for 2014–2016.
The sale of these assets will significantly replenish the state treasury during the period of investment instability.
The Auction House of the Russian Federation has considerable experience of selling the state, federal and regional property. Within the framework of the privatization the company is cooperating with the federal government, the governments of the Moscow region, Kazan, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area–Yugra. The total amount of the Auction House of the Russian Federation transactions with state property (taking into account the federal and regional state-owned assets) is 44.4 billion rubles.