A plot for housing construction on Shkiperskiy Channel near Galernaya Harbor was sold for half a billion

On 2nd April the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) summarized the results of the auction on behalf of the Deposit Insurance Agency (ASV).
Russian Commercial and Industrial Bank JSC (Ruskobank JSC), the bank under liquidation property– a land plot with an area of 3 ha for multi-storey housing construction between Galernaya Harbor and the Gulf of Finland, 15 minutes away from Primorskaya subway station, was offered  for sale.
Address: 18, buildings 9-16, 20, 21, Shkiperskiy Channel, Saint Petersburg.

The auction was being held at the ETP AHRF Electronic Trading Platform through public offer (for decreasing) during the period from 22nd February to 20th April.
By the end of April the minimum price of the Lot would have been 299.8 million rubles.
The winner of the auction – SPK LLC – purchased the Lot for 456 million rubles.

In accordance with the Land Use and Development Regulations the plot is located in T3ZhD3 zone, where a mid-rise and a multi-storey residential development is permitted, as well as the construction of public and business buildings (height regulations – 40 m).
According to preliminary calculations, it is possible to build about 60-65 thousand sq. m of housing on this territory.