Territory to build housing estate on Vasilyevskiy island in Saint-Petersburg

On September 25 Russian auction house will held auction to sell a 3 ha land plot on the western end of Vasilyevskiy island where a new modern housing estate is being actively built.

The territory is to be sold as a single lot. .

Address: 18, building 14, letter П, Shkiperskiy protok, Saint-Petersburg
Land plot area – 3 ha (30 087 sq. m)
Initial price: 525 000 000 rubles
Deposit – 20 000 000 rubles
Applications are accepted from August 5, 2015 till September 23, 2015
Ending date to pay deposits: September 23, 2015

In accordance with the land use and development regulations the plot is located in the zone of mid- and high-rise apartment houses, social and business buildings.
Specification to connect to R.E. services is obtained.

Buildings shall not be over 40 m high. 
The housing estate construction project realized the usable area of the housing improvements built will make 80 000 – 85 000 sq. m.
Based on the above figures work will cost 6 200 rubles per square meter of the improvements built.

“The object price can be fully considered unique even for the present unstable market. The cost of 6 200 rubles of a square meter of the improvement built is a very good offer for Vasilyevskiy island where similar improvements cost 20 000 rubles and over” – Andrey Stepanenko, general director of Russian auction house says.

Object location and surroundings

The object is situated at a most prestigious and expensive districts of Saint-Petersburg – Vasileostrovskiy. Vasilyevskiy island is a part of the historical center of Saint-Petersburg and is situated nearby. At the same time it is located within the delta of Neva and makes Saint-Petersburg border from the side of the Finnish Gulf.
The plot to be sold is situated between Galernaya harbour and the Finnish Gulf on the new building territory. Close to the raised territories on which housing is being actively built a new passenger port and Western highway diameter are situated.
On the north the plot borders on housing estate “Dom na Shkiperskom” of building company “Baltic commerce”, on the north-west – on estates “Magellan” and “Columbus” which are being constructed on the raised territories by company “Leader group”. The project of raising territories is performed by company “Morskoy façade”. According to various estimations this territory yields from 1.5 to 3 million sq. m of apartments and over 2 million sq. m of social and business premises.
On the south-east the territory of congress-and-exhibition complex “Lenexpo” is situated (at the present a concept is being developed to construct housing and social and business estate on this territory).
Near the plot all social infrastructure objects necessary for comfort life: kindergartens, schools, policlinics, shops, sports complexes, etc. are located. 

The object has a good transport accessibility. The nearest metro station – Primorskaya – is 1.7 km away. In 2018 new metro station “Gorniy institut” located at the intersection of Bol’shoy prospect and Kosaya Liniya will be opened. The Western highway diameter is 650 m away from the plot. The exit from the Diameter is planned to be opened in 2016.