For sale offered a terminal and logistic complex of A Class – Severnye Vorota (the North Gates) near Scandinavia Highway in the north of Saint Petersburg

The Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) offers for sale the terminal and logistic complex of A Class – Severnye Vorota located in Kurortny (Resort) District of Saint Petersburg, in Beloostrov Settlement, in Novoye Highway, 53, Letter A. The biddings will be held in the first quarter of 2017.
The terminal carries out a customs clearance, storage and logistic of import goods. Closeness to Scandinavia Highway and Western High=Speed Diameter (about 2 km), as well as closeness of Beloostrov railway station provide the Object with a good transport accessibility.

The property complex consists of several buildings of warehouse and administrative purposes with total area of 12,176 sq. m and a land plot under them, with an area of 6.78 ha (rented until 2058).

Total area of two administrative buildings – 6,692 sq. m.
Of it rentable area – 4,562 sq. m.

Total area of warehouse – 5,226 sq. m.
Of it rentable area – 5,003 sq. m.

There is a possibility to construct additional buildings oh three hectares of a free territory. Permitted construction height – up to 40 m.

Engineering services and facilities of the Object (electric power supply, water supply, heating and sewerage) is carried out from own local sources. A possibility to connect the Object to city engineering pipelines and services is available.

The logistic complex located in Beloostrov industrial area.
In the nearest surrounding there are several operating industrial enterprises: “Gortop of Saint Petersburg”, carrying out solid fuel delivery, “RosProdTorg”, specializing in household chemical goods production, “Vasko” furniture factory and others. Besides, 72 hectares allotted for placing experimental center of the Rosseti company. The construction has started in summer of 2015, The first stage opening is scheduled in 2018. In the enterprise domestic power equipment and fittings will be manufactured, tested and certified.

“In 2015 a rapid development of the Beloostrov industrial area has started due to, primarily, the Rosseti project. Presence of the major federal enterprise will become a mover of the territory development – will involve many adjacent productions, will provide coordination on engineering and transport services, pipelines and networks. All these, as well as closeness of a great number of industrial enterprises, give ample opportunities for development of warehouse and logistic functions. In this sense a possibility to construct the second stage of the Object has a greater significance”, – tells Juliya Akimova, Deputy Head of Commercial Department of the Auction House of the Russian Federation.

Starting price of the property complex – 780 million rubles.

For detailed information about the Object of sale please see the website of the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF)