Street-retail from the LLC Sberbank Capital in different districts of Moscow Among the objects are premises with tenants

On 14th September the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) will hold biddings on behalf of the LLC Sberbank Capital. For sale as separate lots offered 22 premises for street-retail with areas from 93.7 to 448.9 sq. m.

All objects are located on the first floors of residential houses, near public transport stops and major transport arteries of Mozhayskoye, Danilovskoye, Ramenki, Kuntsevo, Otradnoye, Chertanovo, Tushino and others districts of Moscow.

Earlier there the Sberbank offices were located, two lots are exceptions – in these premises the Sberbank will stay as a tenant.

Almost all lots were offered for sale earlier, now their price is reduced by 5-10%.

The starting price is varied from 9.1 to 155.3 million rubles.

The price for 1 sq. m is starting from 87,109 rubles.


The premises on Leninskiy Ave, 22, in 10-minute distance from Leninskiy Prospekt subway station is offered for sale for the first time.

The Object area is 448.9 sq. m.

The premises are in good condition, two entrances and shop windows are available.

The Object is sold with the tenant (the Sberbank office), Contract of Lease is up to 1st July, 2019.

The starting price is 155.3 million rubles.


Also with a valid contract the premises with an area of 170 sq. m near Yasenevo subway station is offered for sale.

Address: 8, building 3, Paustovskogo Str., Moscow.

The premises rented until 31st, 2020 by the Sberbank office.

The starting price is 19.6 million rubles.

A payback period will be 7.8 years.

To get familiar with a full list of the lots and their description please see the website of the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF)