Russian auction house accredited for sale of property of bankrupt banks

on 30 April the State Corporation "Agency for deposits insurance" (GK DIA) has summarized the results of competition among the operators of electronic platforms, for the right of providing services for the sale of property of liquidated banks.

GLAD was among operators of electronic platforms, selected to work in this direction. Passed on realization of property of bankrupt banks will be sold on an electronic platform is Pleased Lot-online.

For reference:
The Agency for deposits insurance Ledger DIA performs the functions of a corporate bankruptcy Trustee all of insolvent banks on the territory of the Russian Federation.
The Agency was established in January 2004 on the basis of the Federal law of December 23, 2003 № 177-FZ "On insurance of deposits of individuals in banks of the Russian Federation". In case of bankruptcy of the Bank, the Agency pays depositors insurance amounts and sells the assets of the banks at the auction.
For 10 years the DIA has passed through 160 insurance claims, and paid to depositors 185 billion rubles 320 banks was given to liquidation, 21 realized the project of financial rehabilitation, 16 completed successfully.