The Auction House of the Russian Federation has put up for sale the rights on a loan with a discount of 20 million rubles Loan security – land plots for housing construction

For 25 December, the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHR) has scheduled an auction for the sale of rights (claims) of Sberbank of Russia on a loan issued to OKSTROI, and also agreements of guarantee and mortgage.

The loan security will be two adjacent land plots of a total area of 4,100 sq.m. located in the Vyborgsky district of Petersburg. The total market cost of the objects exceeds the starting price of the lot.

At present, the sum of debt on the loan is 45 million ruble, and the starting price of the lot is 24 million rubles. Thus, the purchaser will buy the lot with a discount of 20 million rubles.

Address of land plots: St. Petersburg, Shuvalovo, Beregovaya Street, land plot 4 and 6
Area of land plot №4 – 2 049 sq.m.
Area of land plot №6 – 2 067 sq.m.

The land plots are located in the municipal district Shuvalovo-Ozerki, Vyborg district of St. Petersburg, in a zone of medium and high-rise housing construction (up to 9 floors).

“According to the assessment of our specialists, the average price of land for housing construction in this district is around 700-900,000 per 100 square meters, which is practically one and a half times higher than the initial price of the lot.

The sale of rights (claims) for the loan at the auction is a new tendency, and we started working on this together with Sberbank of Russia in August this year. So far, claims have been realized for a sum of 1.7 billion rubles,” says Olga Zheludkova, the head of the department for secured property at AHR.