The Auction House of the Russian Federation held an auction for the sale of 25.5% of shares in Sevenergostroi Trust

On 3 September, at the Moscow branch of the AHR, an auction was held at which 169,776 ordinary shares were realized, constituting 25.5% of the capital of Sevenergostroi Trust.

Starting price of lot – 60 million rubles

Auction step – 1 million rubles

Winner of auction – AlyansInvest acquired the shares for 61 million rubles.

The primary activity of Sevenergostroi Trust is construction and installation works.

Sevenergostroi carries out construction under general contracting of thermal stations, industrial and civil objects in the Northwest region of the country. The Trust has built and reconstructed: 10 thermal power plants of Lenenergo, the Kirish regional power station, a regional power station in Kirov, thermal power plant 4 of the Svetogorsk pulp and paper plant, the Kirov thermal power plant in Apatity, and the Lithuanian, Baltic, Estonian and Cherepovets thermal power plants, the Arkhangelsk, Tallinn, Severodvinsk, Petrozadovsk, Kaunas, Novgorod plants etc.

Along with its primary field of specialization, Sevenergostroi Trust has carried out extensive work in laying main heating networks in Arkhangelsk, Petrozavodsk, Narva and Tallinn. Among the energy facilities build are the Vyborg transformer complex for electricity transmission in Finland, and the Energy Technology Center in Narva for processing shale.

Industrial projects include a branch of the Leningrad Metal Plant Turbatomgaz and the Oktyarbskaya textile factory, reconstructed as the Sampsonievsky business center.

At present, the Trust is carrying out construction and reconstruction in the Northwest region of the country of industrial, energy, communal housing and other objects.
Official site of the Trust: http://sevenerg.spb.ru/.

By decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 31 January 2013 № 101-r, the Auction House of the Russian Federation is vested with the powers of seller of federal property of 36 share packages of state enterprises. All objects are included on the Forecast plan (program) of privatization of federal property for 2011 – 2013.

So far, share packages of four major state enterprises have been realized: the Lenmetrogiprotrans Scientific Research Planning and Surveying Institute, Radiotekhbank Scientific Design Office, Kolyma Shipping Company and the Siberian Scientific Research and Planning Institute of Non-Ferrous Metallurgy.