The Auction House of the Russian Federation has realized at auction a federal share package in Sakhalin Shipping

On 17 September, the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHR) realized at auction 25.5% of shares (4 764 720 ordinary registered shares) in Sakhalin Shipping.

Starting price – 395 770 000 rubles.

There were two applications for participation in the auction

The winner, ORTEKS, acquired the asset for 405 770 000 rubles.


Sakhalin Shipping
Sakhalin Shipping was registered on 18 December 1992 in Khomsk, Sakhalin Oblast.
One of the largest shipping companies in Russia, with its own fleet (18 transport vessels, four ferry boats and a harbor tug boat).The main forms of activity of the shipping company are coastal shipping. The company also operates ferry services. The company’s ferry fleet carries out transportation of railway wagons and vehicles. The ferries take part in combined transportation, economizing time and money of the  cargo owner because of the lack of transshipment.It is the only carrier in the Russian Far East basin that provides Ro-Lo vessels for regular transportation, which are adapted for both horizontal and vertical loading.

The Auction House of the Russian Federation

By decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 31 January 2013 № 101-r, the Auction House of the Russian Federation was given powers to sell federal property in 36 share packages of state enterprises. All the objects were included in the Forecast plan (program) of privatization of federal property for 2011-2013.

At present, share packages of six major state enterprises have been realized: the Lenmetrogiprotrans Scientific Research Planning and Surveying Institute, Radiotekhbank Scientific Design Office, Kolyma Shipping Company, the Siberian Scientific Research and Planning Institute of Non-Ferrous Metallurgy, Sevenergostroi Trust and UAZ.