Auction House of the Russian Federation realizes state share package in Anapa airport with double price increase

Today at the Moscow platform of AHR, an auction was held for the sale of a state share package (25.5% of charter capital) in Anapa airport (52,956 ordinary registered shares in undocumented form).

Four bidders took part in the auction: Agro Meridian, Kondor-Invest, Sistema, Rye, Man and Gor Securities. There was an intense battle for the lot in the course of the auction. The auction ended at the 169th step, when the price reached 153,620,000 rubles (starting price of the lot was 69,620,000 rubles).

Thus, the lot was sold with a double increase of the starting price.

The winner of the auction was Sistema.

 “We held today’s auction by order of the Russian Property Board. We are satisfied with the results of the auction – the sale price of the minority package in Anapa airport exceeded the starting price by two times. We have experience of realizing objects of this kind: at the end of last year we sold a share package in Kurgan airport.

“We had exhibited the share package in Anapa airport since February last year. And as practice has shown, this lengthy exhibition period gives a very good result. On the other hand, investors today are more interested in investing in infrastructural objects than development projects. And of course, the asset itself is of considerable interest – an airport that services one of the most popular resort destinations in Russia, and has excellent prospects for development,” commented Andrei Nikolaevich Stepanenko, the general director of the Auction House of the Russian Federation.