The Auction House of the Russian Federation has held an auction by order of Russian Railways

On 27 November, the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHR), by  order of Russian Railways, realized property of the engineering and manufacturing complex of Tula, with a lease right of the land plot on which it is located.

The sale price was 5 million rubles, three times higher than the starting price of the object (starting price 1.6 million rubles).
42 steps were made in the auction.
4 participants were registered for the auction.
The winner of the auction was the Salyut self-service car wash.

Address: Tula Oblast, Tula, Privokzalny region, 195 Demonstratii street.
Area of land plot – 640 sq.m.

The relatively small size of the land plot and its location – on a street with a constant flow of traffic – create optimum conditions for placing enterprises for providing services here: a service station, car wash, filling station or shop.

The property complex includes objects of movable and non-movable property of the filling station.