The auction house of the russian federation has held the first auction for objects of interior design. The first 153 of 170 lots have been sold

On 14 March, at the Moscow office of the AHR, an auction was held for the sale of objects of interior design. The sale took place by order of Sberbank of Russia.

Up for auction were a total of 170 lots with a total starting price of 1,990,000 rub.
The total number sold was 153 lots, total sum of sale came to 3,145,000 rub.

The majority of the lots were clocks from the company K. Mozer Ltd. (floor, table and mantelpiece), and furthermore, the lots included models of ships made with maximum detail, and a small selection of interior items made of glass (vases, pitchers, decanters, sculpture).

The auction was unusual because of the extremely low starting prices, with a comparatively high market price of the items on auction. The items with a balanced price of below 100,000 rubles were on sale for 5,000 rubles, and those above 100,000 for 15,000 rubles. In shops in Moscow and Petersburg, these interior items are valued at 150,000 – 350,000 rub.

The items were sold at a classic English auction with a mixed form of bidding. The bidding took place right in the hall, and by telephone, and also on the specialized Internet platform of AHR in real time ([token global token_custom_lot_online]).

“We are very satisfied with the results of the auction. This auction was a unique experience not only for our company, but also for Russian auctions as a whole. No one has held auctions of this kind before. The special nature of the auction was the total number of lots sold in one auction session – 154, while the sale ratio reached 90%, and the ratio of exceeding the starting price was 1.6 times.

As we expected, the clocks drew the greatest interest. The starting price for them was exceeded the most – by almost 10 times. The “Imperiya” clock model was sold for 160,000 rubles, with a starting estimate of 15,000 rub.
We expect that the success of this auction will be form a basis for future cooperation with Sberbank of Russia in selling non-core assets,” said the general director of the Auction House of the Russian Federation Andrei Stepanenko.

The firm K. Mozer Ltd was founded by members of the Mayer family in Switzerland in 1841. The founder of the firm, Johann Henrich Mozer, was born in the Swiss town of Schaffhausen into a family of clock-makers. He was famous for inventing a mechanism of dancing figures in a cuckoo clock, and also for a weight-driven clock with a chime. This brand is distinguished by the luxury of its classical design, precision and reliability of mechanisms, purity of chime sound, handcraft work, and the valuable timber used.