The Auction House of the Russian Federation held the first auction as part of a contract with the Almaz-Antei concern

On the 27th of June, the Auction House of the Russian Federation held an auction for the sale of non-core property of the Almaz-Antei defense concern.
Two plots of land were realized in the Kurort district of St. Petersburg and the Vyborg region of the Leningrad Oblast. The first plot with an area of 1.6 hectares is located in Zelenogorsk, ulitsa Tankistov, dom 12.

The departmental recreation base of the All-Russian scientific research institute of radio equipment, which is part of the Almaz-Antei defense concern, was previously located here.
The sale price came to 50.2 million rubles (starting price 32.5 million rubles).
There were five bidders at the auction.

The second plot of an area of 0.5 hectares is located in the village of Landyshevka in the Vyborgs region of the Leningrad Oblast.

A sport and fishing base was previously located on the plot.
Sale price – 8.3 million rubles (starting price 1.45 million rubles).
/There were 12 bidders at the auction.

“Since it was founded, the Auction House of the Russian Federation has worked with non-core property of major state owners – Russian Railways, Rosatom, Gazprom, and Rossiya airlines.  This auction was the first as part of cooperation with the Almaz-Antei holding. We are satisfied with the results of the auction – both lots were sold with a significant increase: the first by one and a half times, and the second by 5.5 times. This is a good start for long-term relations. We are now preparing to sell objects in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. I am sure that they will also be realized successfully” (General director of the Auction House of the Russian Federation Andrei Stepanenko).