Auction House of the Russian Federation holds auction for sale of 9.64% of shares in the World Trade Center

On 26 September 2012, the Auction House of the Russian Federation will hold an auction for the sale of a share package in the WTC company, belonging to the city of Moscow. The auction will be held by order of the Moscow city property department.


9.64% of shares in the World Trade Center (WTC) owned by the city will be put up for auction.
Starting price - 1 448 000 000 rub.

WTC owns the largest multi-type business complex in Russia, the “World Trade Center” (around 270,000 sq.m.): office and exhibition spaces, a congress center and the Crowne Plaza WTC Moscow hotel. And also several apartment hotels in various districts of the capital – Erdian-1, Erdian-2, and also the three-star hotel Soyuz.

The WTC is the sole shareholder of the Soyuz Hotel Complex, and the sole member of Sovintsentr-2, WTC-Region and CHOA Merkury.

The WTC business complex is located in the prestigious business center of Moscow, with developed transport and service infrastructure. The single architectural ensemble unites 3 office buildings: the 20-floor Office building-1, built in 1980, with an area of 35,324.1 sq.m.; the 21-floor Office building-2, built in 2003, with an area of 44,354.2 sq.m.; and in early 2010 the 29-floor Office building-3 was put into operation, with an area of 33,000 sq.m.

The complex also includes the specialized Congress Center, built in 1980, with a total area of 21,469.9 sq.m. In 2008, comprehensive reconstruction of the building took place, which includes 25 halls and meeting rooms, including a multi-functional congress hall, a press hall and the Amphitheater hall.

In 2007, after complete reconstruction, the Crowne Plaza WTC Moscow hotel opened, part of the major Intercontinental Hotel Group (the former Mezhdunarodnaya hotel built in 1980).

In 2009, a multi-level car park was built for 1,930 cars, including an underground garage for 1,100 cars (with an area of 18,191.9 sq.m.) and an open-air car park for 830 cars (with an area of 19,363.9 sq.m.). Around the complex of the buildings of the Center, a special garden and park zone has been created, and the total area of green territory is 1,100 sq.m.

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Kommersant, 08.06.12