Auction House of the Russian Federation sells state share package in Energozashchita firm

Today at the Moscow office of the AHR, an auction was held for the sale of a state share package (25.5% of charter capital) in Energozashchita firm (447,671 ordinary registered shares in undocumented form).

Sale price – 187,000,000 rubles.

Winner of auction – A-stok.

The Energozashchita firm is based in Moscow and the Moscow Oblast, and has branches all over Russia. The company’s main areas of activity are: manufacture of construction materials, structures and equipment; manufacture of insulation materials, fireproof materials and articles; carrying out scientific, planning, construction and technological projects etc. The main clients of the company are atomic energy stations, state regional electricity stations and heating electricity stations, such as the Beloyarsk atomic energy station, the Kalinin atomic energy station, the Kursk atomic energy station, the Nizhny Novgorod regional power station, the Kemerovo regional state station, the Novogorkovsky thermal power station, the Syzran thermal power station etc.

By decree of the Government of the Russian Federation on 25 October 2010 № 1874-r, the Auction House of the Russian Federation is included on the list of sellers of federal property. In 2013, the company was given the first tranche of share packages for realization belonging to the state in enterprises of different spheres of the economy.

At present, the Auction House of the Russian Federation has realized 17 share packages: the Lenmetrogiprrotrans scientific research surveying and planning institute, Radiotekhbank, the Kolmya Shipping Company, the Siberian scientific research and planning institute of non-ferrous metallurgy, Sevenergostroi trust, the Ulyanovsk Automobile Factory, the Sakhalin Shipping Company, KVOiT factory, the Mukomolny open joint-stock company Avangard, the Scientific Research Institute of metallurgic heating equipment, the Scientific Research Institute of the Fur Industry, VNIIGIDROLIZ, Irtysh Shipping, Kurgan Airport, Malakhovka Holiday Home, Anapa airport and the Energozashchita firm.

The total sum of the sale of state share packages at the Auction House of the Russian Federation as part of the order from the Russian property board is 2.26 billion rubles.