Auction House of the Russian Federation takes part in FotoMixFight

On 23 May, at the Gallery of Classic Photography in Moscow, the opening of the second venue of the professional photography fair FotoMixFight Limited Edition was held. The Auction House of the Russian Federation displayed over 30 photos at the exhibition, in preparation for the first Photography auction , scheduled for 2 June.

FotoMixFight Limited Edition – FotoMixFight Limited Edition encompasses over 300 works from collections of Moscow galleries and foundations. Masterpieces of photography of the 19th-20th centuries were presented by the Auction House of the Russian Federation, the Gallery of Classic Photography, the Vadim Gippenreiter Foundation, the Valery Gende-Rote Foundation «the Sobranie. Fotoeffekt » foundation, and many others.

The Auction House of the Russian Federation displayed a number of works at the exhibition which have been prepared for the June auction. They include: Boris Vdovenko’s «On a parallel course», Georgy Lipskerov’s «Durov’s Corner», Dmitry Debabov’s «The Icebreaker Krasin in the Arctic Ice», Alexei Mezhuev’s «Views of Moscow», Yevgeny Khaldei’s «The Seasons», Georgy Zelma’s «Republic of Niger. Africa. A Bride» and others.

A total of 88 masterpieces of Russian, Soviet and foreign photography will be displayed at the auction on 2 June : works by Arkady Shaikhet, Georgy Lipskerov, Valery Gende-Rote, Robert Diament, Georgy Zelma, Nikolai Svishchov-Paola, Alexander Khlebnikov, Vadim Gippenreiter, Leni Riefenstahl, Alexander Rodchenko and other photographers whose names have long been included on the list of classics of international and Russian art.

Andrei Stepanenko, general director of the Auction House of the Russian Federation:
«The auction will certainly be an important event in Russian art, as it is essentially the first auction of photography in our country. It will become the starting point for subsequent auction sessions: the result s may be used as a guideline, for determining the market price of other photography works, and determine customer interest. The photography market is gradually gaining its own buyers and collectors, is developing infrastructure and establishing its own rules of the game. Many works prepared for the auction, are on display for the wider public for the first time».