Auction House of the Russian Federation takes part in a meeting of the committee of the Association of Russian Banks

On the initiative of the Association of Russian Banks (ARB), the AHR took part in a meeting of the Committee of the Association on issues of external management and securing bank assets, which was held on 21 June 2012 at the ARB.

The meeting was dedicated to a topic of extreme important for the banking community: working with non-core real-estate which goes into the disposal of credit organizations in the process of foreclosure. The relevance of this topic has increased after the recent passing of a series of legislative documents directed towards increasing the supervisory and expanding the regulating policy of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, with the aim of increasing motivation among credit organizations to remove non-core pledged property from their balances, which comes into banks’ disposal from insolvent debtors.
The deputy general director of AHR, O.B. Sokolova, delivered a paper on the issue of using the instrument of auctions in removing non-core real-estate from bank balances. In the paper, which was accompanied by a slide presentation, Sokolova drew the attention of the participants of the meeting to the advantages of using the auction platforms of the AHR for banks to realize problematic assets, and to areas of developing interaction between the AHR and participants of the real-estate market. The paper was of great interest to the meeting participants, who included representatives of management, consulting and broker companies working on the banking outsourcing market. In the discussion and question-and-answer session, the first deputy general director and member of the board of directors K.V. Raev also took part.
The resolution of the Committee meeting includes a recommendation to the Association to involve the AHR in working with the ARB as a competent partner in the issue of using the instrument of auctions to optimize the activity of member banks of the ARB.