The Auction House of the Russian Federation announces a pre-auction exhibition in the exhibition hall of the Moscow office of AHR in Gostiny Dvor from 25 May to 2 June 2012. Over 350 works will be on display at the exhibition, and they will be put up for auction on 2 June 2012.

Works by Russian and Western European artists of the late 19th – 20th centuries will be displayed, along with items of decorative and applied and jewelry art, including works by the Faberge firm – over 266 works.
A special feature of the auction is the string of photographic works which will include over 80 unique photographs by leading classics of national and world art.


A rare drawing will be displayed at the exhibition by one of the greatest artists of social realism, Alexander Deineka (1899 – 1969) - «Nude Girl», 1950s.
The drawing comes from the collection of the famous collector – M.G. Gordeev. Deineka’s works are not encountered on the antique market very often: over the last 20 years, around 50 works by the artist have featured in world auctions, mainly small graphic works and sketches. The appearance of this unique work by A. Deineka at an AHR auction promises to be an event on the antique market. Estimate: 5 700 000- 6 900 000 rubles.

Another find of the auction will be the «Portrait of O.R. Kudryavtseva», painted by Hippolyte Robillard (early 19th century – after 1885) in 1861. Hippolyte Robillard – was a French painter, pastels artist and lithographer. Before the early 1840s, he worked in Paris, and from 1842 – in Petersburg. Pastel works by this artist – are very rare at auctions. Practically all his known works are held in museum collections. The work has a wonderful provenance, and comes from the family of the direct descendants of Olga Rostislavovna Kudryavtseva (1839 – 1912), who is depicted in the portrait. A portrait of her brother, Dmitry Rostislavovich Kudryavstev painted by Robillard, also exists. It was acquired by the Museum of V.A. Tropinin and Moscow artists of his time. Works by the artist are held in the collections of the State Hermitage, the Pushkin Arts Museum, and the State Historical Museum. Estimate: 900 000 – 1 200 000 rubles.

The painting «Moonlit Night at Sea» of 1887 by Ivan Aivazovsky (1817 – 1900) was painted in the year of his 70th birthday and 50th year of creative activity. It is believed that this work was exhibited at the academic exhibition in 1887. In the catalogue of the exhibition, a work with this name is included. Estimate: 27 000 000 – 36 000 000 rubles.


The work of Konstantin Makovsky (1839 – 1915) is represented at the exhibition by «Portrait of a Girl», of 1883. In the 1880s, the artist frequently turned to the portrait genre. The work at the exhibition is one of the outstanding examples of the famous artist’s work. Estimate: 12 000 000 – 15 000 000 rubles.

Also featured in the exhibition will be the work Natalya Goncharova (1881 – 1962) «The Rooster», which was pointed in the second half of the 1900s. This work was displayed at an extensive exhibition program of works from the collection of Ya.Ye. Rubinshtein in the 1960s-1970s. Estimate: 12 000 000 – 15 000 000 rubles.

The painting by Alexander Chirkov (1856 – 1913) «Alley in the Temple» inspired by his travels in Japan is a characteristic example of the work by the artist, dedicated to the ethnography and daily life of oriental countries. This work was exhibited at the 31st (1903-1904) and the 33rd (1905) exhibition of the Peredvizhniki group. Works by the artist are held in a number of museum collections, including the State Tretyakov Gallery. . Estimate: 4 500 000 – 6 000 000 rubles.

The sculpture «Peter the Great holding the young Louis XV», 1900s (bronze, casting patina) is a rare example of the work of the one of the greatest sculptors of the last third of the 19th — early 20th century, – Leopold Bernstam (1859 – 1939). Bernstam worked in the field of easel and monumental sculpture, and was an outstanding portrait artist. In his work, he adhered to the realistic tradition, aspiring above all to achieve a likeness, down to the smallest details. The auction features a reduced version of the sculptural composition made by the order of Nicholas II. The monumental sculpture itself, which was installed in Peterhof on 16 June 1902, was the first statue of Peter the Great made by Bernstam for Russia. Unfortunately, this statue was lost during the war and restored in 2005.
In the monumental composition, a historical event of 1717 is recreated, when during his visit to France Peter the Great picked up the little heir to the throne with the words «I have all of France in my hands». Estimate: 3 600 000 – 4 200 000 rubles.

Another works in this section:
Gold cigar case. Gold, 14 diamond roses. Moscow, 1899-1908. Faberge firm
Faberge firm Cigar case with built-in matchbox in two-color gold and decorated with 14 diamond roses on the buckle. Estimate: 390 000 – 450 000 rubles.

Broach with carved rubies by Friedrich Kechly. Gold, 14 diamonds, 72 diamond roses, pearl, natural rubies. Russia, late 19th century. A broach by the famous jeweler and supplier to the imperial court Friedrich Kechly, decorated by two natural rubies with heads of cherubs. Estimate: 510 000 – 600 000 rubles.

Pavel Bure watch from the Cabinet of his Imperial Highness with a side chain in the original case of red Morocco leather. Gold, enamel. Russia, 1904.
The pocket watch – was a popular cabinet gift. The watch with an enamel state coat-of-arms, but decorated with precious stones, was usually presented to members of the court and officers. Estimate: 600 000 -660 000 rubles.

The Auction House of the Russian Federation is proud to present a collection of over 80 masterpieces by 50 photographers from Russia, the Soviet Union and abroad. For public auctions, for the first time in the history of the national art market, there is a representative collection of original works by great photographers, whose names have long gone down in the history of international and national art. The photographers Arkady Shaikhet, Georgy Lipskerov, Valery Gende-Rote, Robert Diament, Georgy Zelma, Nikolai Svishchov-Paol, Alexander Khlebnikov and Vadim Gippenreiter and other masters of national photography are presented for experts and connoisseurs of photographic art.

To present photography as fully as possible in its historical and artistic development, taking into account cultural parallels in world art up until the present day, the auction organizers began with early Russian photography of the 19th century.
The history of national photography is presented from the 1850s in the magnificent portraits decorated with water colors by A. Nechaev (in the illustration on the left) and T. Mitreiter.

The excellent photography by P. Pavlov of the 1880s anticipated experiments in industrial and object constructivism of the 1920s and early 1930s. The times of the Silver Age found a reflection in the works of pictorial artists Alexander Grinberg and Ivan Bokhonov. The period of constructivism was marked by the classic photographs by Alexander Rodchenko and Nikolai Kubeev and works by other masters of Soviet photography.

Like the pole of another world which surprisingly rhymes with the national photo art of the 1930s, there is an exhibition photograph by Leni Riefenstahl
which has been published several times, from the famous 1936 Olympics (on the illustration to the left).

An important place in the art of the 20th century is held by the figure of L. Moholy Nagy. The Auction House of the Russian Federation is glad to present the magnificent work of this master – «Cave» of 1931, where a real landscape turns into something surrealistic and abstract, to which high art aspires. Estimate: 1 150 000 – 1 700 000 rub.

The Great Patriotic War is represented by the internationally recognized masterpieces – «Mountain» ” by Dmitry Valtermants and «Combat» by Max Alpert of 1942. (see illustration on the left). In these works, the peak of emotional and aesthetic tension is attained. The artistic nerve is laid bare and the viewer is involved.

Post-war photography is reflected in the wonderful examples of industrial photography by Mikhail Grachev, Yakov Ryumkin and Olga Lander. A poetic attitude to life and the aesthetics of the times of developed socialism is seen in works by Mark Markov-Grinberg, Anatoly Morozov, Ilya Narovlyansky and other masters of national photography.

A unique phenomenon in Soviet photography was the nonconformists of the 1970-s. The exhibition works of Boris Smelov, a classic of Petersburg photography, illustrate this movement vividly.

The modern national photography of a world without boundaries and prejudices of such recognized photographers as Andrei Chezhin (see illustration to the left), Andrei Bezukladnikov and others, enters into direct artistic dialogue with their colleagues Jan Saudek from Czech and the grand master Brett Weston from the USA.

More detailed information about the lots can be found on the site of the Auction House of the Russian Federation:

Since it was founded in August 2009, the Auction House of the Russian Federation has held three public antique auctions in December 2010, in June and November 2011.
186 lots were sold at the auctions for a sum of around 175 million rub
Pre-auction exhibitions were held in St. Petersburg (at the Mikhailovsky and Engineers’ Castle of the State Russian Museum) and in Moscow (at the Moscow office of the AHR on Khrustalny per., d. 1, Gostiny Dvor building).

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