The Auction House of the Russian Federations opens sale of property in Bulgaria

The Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHR) has announced the start of sales of property located on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The project is being carried out with the support of the Service for trade and economic issues at the Bulgarian embassy and the Center of Bulgarian Industry in Moscow.
A total of 15 objects of commercial and elite residential real-estate are being put up for auction.

“Bulgaria is one of the most promising countries for investments. This is because of its fortunate geographical location, macro-economic stability, membership in the EU and the WTO, low taxes, support of business by European foundations, the small budget deficit etc. We are prepared to take on the sale of property on the territory of Bulgaria and select objects according to the demands of potential investors,” says Olga Sokolova, the deputy general director of the AHR.

  1. 1. Oil and gas terminal in Varna region.

Area of territory – 7.2 hectares
Starting price – 2.4 million Euros

The terminal is located near the above-ground gas pipeline terminal “Southern Flow” that is under construction, a railway station, and also the Varna-Ilichevsk ferry terminal. It has its own railroad track and branch by the railway station, pump and compressor equipment, a storage area, an office section and a loading bay. The terminal has a favorable location, making it possible to service customers and distributors of fuel with minimum expenses.

2. Land plot for multi-functional construction in Sofia.
Area of land plot – 4.7 hectares
Starting price – 2.9 million Euros

The territory is located in the developing northern part of the city, in direct proximity to one of the main roads. The land plot has access roads from three sides.
Additionally, there are connections to water and electricity supply on the land plot, and there are plans to build a gas pipeline.
The future owner can build retail/logistic centers, warehouses of a supermarket here. Total area of possible development – 62.000 sq.m

3. Forest estate land 25 km from Sofia.
Area of section – 48.4 hectares.
Starting price – 200,000 Euros

Mixed-type forest predominates on the hilly territory of the land plot. The forest yield – 5,240 sq.m. – will allow the future owner to work on wood production. A hunting farm can also be created on the territory.

4.. Three land plots for vineyards in the Karlovo region.
Total area of land plots – 101 hectares
Starting price – 1.8 million Euros

The land plots may be used for vineyards, and the future owner may receive a subsidiary of up to 2 million Euros.
The harvest gathered, if the entire territory is used, will be sufficient for 1.2 million bottles of wine per year.
The documents for the object of sale include a soil analysis.

5. Elite residential house in Varna.
Area of building – 910 sq.m.
Area of section – 1 500 sq.m.
Starting price – 650,000 Euros

The four-storey brick house is located in the picturesque Trakata district. There is a panoramic view of the Black Sea from the windows.
The house is fully furnished and equipped with modern appliances. On the adjacent territory, there is a garage for two cars and three outdoor parking spaces, pavilions for a security guard and gardeners, a barbeque with an oven, a stylishly designed garden and a section for planting vegetable.