The Auction House of the Russian Federation announces an auction as part of federal privatization Up for sale is a federal share package in Amur Shipping

On 25 July at 11:00, the Moscow office of the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHR) will hold the second auction as part of federal privatization. Up for sale will be 25.5% shares (101 346 ordinary shares) in Amur Shipping.

Starting price of share package – 270 million rubles
Auction step – 5 million rubles
Auction address: Moscow, Khrustalny per., d. 1

Applications for participation in the auction are accepted until 4 July 2013.

Amur Shipping is part of the Forestry holding of RFP Group and is its base company in the transport and logistics sphere.
“The asset up for sale is an example of a dynamically developing company, and its history, results of activity and financial position show that it is a business with a high degree of investment attractiveness. Amur Shipping is a major shipping company of the Far East and Siberia, and has invaluable staff. The company has been recognized as a subject of a natural monopoly in the field of port work in river transport. Its profit has been constantly growing since 2009, in 2011 pure profit came to 87 million rubles.
“25.5% is a blocking share package which will make it possible to receive financial reports of the company and take part in company management. So we are sure that outside investors will be interested in acquiring it,” says Andrei Stepanenko, general director of the Auction House of the Russian Federation.
At present, the company’s share on the market inside the Khabarovsk Krai for cargo and passenger transportation, and also port services, is over 65% (interval value). The company was included by the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service on the corresponding Register of economic subjects.
The company owns 100% of shares in the trade ports of Blagoveshchensk and Poyarkovo and also the terminals Sovgavan and De Kastri, and ports at the base of Khabarovskoe REP flota and Nikolaevskoe REP flota.
The company fleet includes 220 sea and river vessels. They include 19 sea bulk carriers, 27 passenger vessels, eight crane boats, and also vessels of the “river-sea” mixed type, tankers and high capacity vessels. In 2012, 160 million rubles was invested in modernization of the fleet.
Additionally, the shipping company owns land plots of a total area of 2.3 hectares and real-estate objects of storage and administrative purpose.
The company staff numbers 1,358 people.

For reference
Amur Shipping
The history of the company begins in 1872, when the “Association of Amur Shipping” was created to regulate postal, passenger and cargo communications on the Amur and its tributaries.
The main revenue-producing activities are sea and river transport of general, timber, bulk and oil cargoes and loading and unloading work. The company transports passengers between 58 populated and transit points on the Amur, and carries out suburban transportation. Transportation is carried out on the territory of Russia, and also to Japan, South Korea, North Korea and China. Additionally, the company carries out ship building and ship repair.

Auction House of the Russian Federation
By decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 31 January 2013 № 101-r, the Auction House of the Russian Federation was given powers to sell federal property in 36 share packages of state enterprises. All the objects were included in the Forecast plan (program) of privatization of federal property for 2011-2013.