The Auction House of the Russian Federation has announced the date of an auction for three federal share packages in the Murmansk Shipping Company, the Northern Shipping Company and the Northern River Shipping Company

–  23.5% (240,581 ordinary) shares in Murmansk Shipping Company

Starting price – 700 million rubles.

The company has an office in St. Petersburg at the address: St. Petersburg, Strelna village, Sankt-Peterburgskoe shosse, d. 47, liter A.

Address: Murmansk, ulitsa Kominterna, dom 15.

The Murmansk Shipping Company is a major shipping company, which provides the main percentage of cargo transportation under the Russian flag in the Russian sector of the Arctic. The company holds a leading position in transportation of oil, and also develops areas of activity connected with carrying out geological survey works, development of transport infrastructure, and building hydrocomplexes. The company transports cargo by ship for export from northern ports of Russia to ports of Western Europe, and also transports cargo between foreign ports. An competitive advantage of the company is its ice-class ships, which raises their performance in work in the Baltic Sea and Arctic Ocean in the winter period. The Murmansk Shipping Company is the only shipping company in the world with an atomic ice-breaking fleet. The use of atomic ice-breakers makes navigation possible in the Russian sector of the Arctic all year round. The Murmansk shipping company is one of the main companies that carries out shipping of cargo in the Baltic and North Atlantic and on routes of the Northern shipping line.

–  20% (191 571 ordinary) shares in the Northern Shipping Company

Starting price – 200 million rubles.

This Russian Shipping Company, one of the largest in the Northwest of Russia, carries out shipping all over the world, including on the route of the Northern shipping line. The Northern Shipping Company specializes in organizing shipping of production of the forestry complex of the Arkhangelsk Oblast. The company’s fleet includes 41 vessels of different functions with a capacity from 2,500 to 14,000 tons, designed to transport dry, radioactive and dangerous cargo.

Address: Arkhangelsk, naberezhnaya Severnoi Dviny, dom 36.


–  31.32% (57 165 ordinary) shares in the Northern River Shipping Company

Starting price – 80  million rubles.

The Northern Shipping Company is a major operator of a “river-sea” fleet in the European North of the Russian Federation. The company’s fleet includes 160 vessels of inland navigation, and eight vessels of mixed type. The “river-sea” class of vessels allows them to be used in the Baltic, Arctic, Mediterranean, Caspian, Black, White and Barents Seas.

The company carries out shipping in seas of the Arctic, through the inland water routes of Russia with an outlet to the common deep water system, servicing over 500 loading and unloading points, including in regions of the North that are hard to reach.

Inland vessels transport loose, general and bulk cargo, passengers, and tow flotation rafts and other floating objects.

The company holds a dominant position for transportation of passengers on local and suburban routes within the Arkhangelsk Oblast.

Address: Arkhangelsk, ul. Rozy Lyuksemburg, d. 5