The Auction House of the Russian Federation has announced the date for holding an auction on federal privatization A major enterprise of water transport in the Siberian region is up for auction – Irtysh Shipping

The Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHR) is selling 25.5% of shares (87 834 ordinary shares) in Irtysh Shipping.
Auction date – 26 November.

Starting price of share package – 97 million rubles.
Auction step – 3 million rubles
The auction will be held at the address: Moscow, Khrustalny per., d. 1

Applications for participation in the auction are accepted until 31 October 2013.

The main area of activity is ship-building, cargo and passenger transportation.
The transport fleet is equipped with powerful motor systems and modern radio navigational equipment. It is possible to transport cargo of open storage (sand, coal, stone, concrete items, pipes etc.) and closed storage (produce, cement etc.). Additionally, the company has resources to transport oil and oil products of a total capacity of over 100,000 tons, and tankers for carrying oil cargo to coastal-maritime regions, which are not accessible to large sea vessels because of the shallow water.

The main markets are primarily northern regions – the Yamalo-Nenets autonomous Okrug and the Khanty-Mansiisk autonomous Okrug.
The passenger fleet services the population of riverside towns and villages from Omsk to the Gulf of Ob and the Taz estuary in the polar circle. There are comfortable motor vessels of varying capacity plying tourist routes, and the “Rimsky-Korsakov” diesel-electric ship.

Irtysh Shipping has always been renowned for good marine traditions. The company employs specialists with rich experience of working in the ship-building field. The company has often been used by the administration of the Khanty-Mansiisk autonomous Okrug to carry out various orders, for example, the recent construction of a floating pontoon.

The company has three branches:

  • The Omsk ship-repair and shipbuilding factory;
  • The Bolshereche port
  • An educational and health center.

Additionally, the shipping company owns land plots in Omsk with a total area of 26.2 hectares, and real-estate objects of storage and administrative function.
The company personnel numbers 1,153 people.

For reference:

Irtysh Shipping
The company was registered in Omsk in 1993.
It is the major company for water transport in the Siberian region. It carries cargo and passengers on a territory from the borders of Kazakhstan to the Arctic Ocean.
Main forms of activity:

  • Transport of cargo and passengers;
  • Loading and unloading work;
  • Ship repair, shipbuilding and machine building;
  • Towing vessels, rafts and other floating objects;
  • Pilotage;
  • Production of non-metallic and building materials;
  • Transport and expedition activity;
  • Shipping and forwarding activities;
  • Construction, assembly, start and adjustment and finishing works;
  • Tour operator activity.


In 2000, for stable dynamics of development of production, Irtysh Shipping was awarded the honorary “Crystal Nika” prize.
In 2004, it was the winner of the category of “Best shipping company in Russia for 2004”.
In the All-Russian competition “Russian Organization of high social effectiveness”, held by the Russian Government, the company won a prize for achievements in organizing social work for the fourth time.
Additionally, the shipping company donates funds for the needs of education, science and the development of the material resources to the branch of the Novosibirsk state academy of water transport.

The Auction House of the Russian Federation

By decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 31 January 2013 № 101-r, the Auction House of the Russian Federation was given the authority as the seller of federal property for 36 share packages of state enterprises. All of the objects are included on the Forecast Plan (program) for privatization of federal property for 2011-2013.
At present, share packages have been realized for five major state enterprises: the Lenmetrogiprotrans Scientific-Research Planning and Surveying Institute, Radiotekhbank, Kolyma Shipping Company, the Siberian Scientific Research and Planning Institute of Non-Ferrous Metallurgy and Sevenergostroi Trust.