Rosimushchestvo (Federal Property Management Agency) for the first time authorized the privatization of real estate objects to private seller

On 28 September Dmitry Medvedev, the Prime Minister of Russia, has signed the Order № 1916p, according to which in the Forecast Plan of Privatization for 2014–2016 were included 81 objects of real estate.
Under the terms of the Order the privatization of federal real estate was delegated to the private seller – the Auction House of the Russian Federation, with which Rosimushchestvo has to sign a Contract within 30 days.
According the terms of the Contract the AHRF was instructed to order and confirm an appraisal of objects of real estate, as well as hold auctions for their sale.
The property transferred for sale located throughout Russia. Mainly there are property complexes, but actually – land plots, which could be interesting for developers.

“Earlier such objects were assigned to Federal State Unitary Enterprises, now they have been included in privatization program. It is significant that the sale of these objects is delegated to professional seller, before now Rosimushchestvo has been carrying out transactions with real estate by itself or through its territorial agencies.
Release and sale of inefficiently used real estate could be an additional source for replenishment of the state treasury” (Andrey Stepanenko, General Director of AHRF).

For reference:
The Auction House of the Russian Federation is included in the list of sellers of federal property by the Order of Government of the Russian Federation of October 25, 2010 № 1874-p.
Currently the Company holds auctions for the sale of federal blocks of shares of companies included in the Forecast Plan of Privatization for 2014-2016. Sale of these assets aims to replenish the state treasury during a period of investment instability.
For today the total amount of AHRF transactions in this sector is 5.5 billion rubles.
AHRF is the only company, which has an experience in classic and e-auctions for the privatization. Within the framework of privatization the Company cooperates with Federal Government, governments of Moscow Region, Kazan, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Area – Yugra. The total amount of AHRF transactions with the state property (including federal and regional state assets) is more than 46 billion rubles.