RAD won on appeal Court of nab. Robespierre, 32

The Auction House of the Russian Federation appealed the Court Decision and Regulation of the Office of Federal Antimonopoly Service (UFAS) on the annulment of the results of the auction for the sale of the bankrupt property – CJSC “The First Project Company” (PPK) – located on the Robespierre Embankment, 32.
On the 1st of April the Court of Appeals left unchanged the Trial Court's Decision on the illegality of Regulation issued by UFAS to RAD on the cancellation of the results of bidding regarding the given object.

The object of dispute became the auction which took place on 24 September, 2014, for the sale of the land plot with an area of 1.3 thousand sq. m. for the construction of a residential building, located on the Robespierre Embankment, 32. The sale is carried out in the framework of bankruptcy CJSC “The First project company”.
The plot is sold with 80% excess of the starting price, for the amount of 299.8 million rubles (starting price – 171.3 million rubles).
The Winner of the auction – LLC “Investment Company “The Garden Ring”.
Assets sales income transferred to the main lien creditor of PPK – Sberbank of Russia.