A decision is made on a searching for a strategic investor for development of a Children’s Literature Publishing House

The Government of the RF in accordance with the Order № 264-р of 19.02.2015 has made the decision on the sale of 100% federal block of shares of JSC Children’s Literature Publishing House. According to this Order the asset will be sold to a strategic investor, searching for which will be carried out by the Auction House of the Russian Federation (the AHRF).
In the asset purchasing will be involved only the companies, satisfying the qualifying requirements, the most important of which is the industry sector orientation.
Besides, a future investor must:
• to preserve jobs at the enterprise;
• to provide an annual volume of issued children’s books at the level not less than 75% of the indicators of 2014-2016;
• to preserve the enterprise property;
• to develop the company within the framework of a currant sector of industry and to provide a long-term effect as additional tax revenues.

“For the first time the AHRF will act as an investor bank, selling the federal shares outside the large-scale privatization. The asset will be sold at the auction with a preliminary qualifying selection of participants, which guarantee a preservation of investments and development of a famous children’s publishing house.
For us it is important to preserve the publishing house, in creation of which in due time took part Marshak, Chukovsky, Gaydar, Gorky and others. So, for our part, we will provide a scrupulous selection of applicants for the block of shares. One of the key requirements to a future investments – the sector direction”, – told Anzhelika Imanova, Deputy General Director of the AHRF.

JSC Children’s Literature Publishing House has been working since 1933 and is the first and the oldest publishing house in the country, issuing books for children and teenagers. For today the publishing house still remains devoted to its traditions and belongs to TOP-10 companies, publishing children’s books.
The company makes a stable profit, according the data of the first half a year the publishing house revenue was 34.8 million rubles. The important indicator is the fact, that the company does not use loans.
The company owns a production and warehouse complex with a total area of 4,8 thousand sq. m and a land plot with an area of 0,5 ha in Moscow, in Novodmitrovskaya Street, 5A, building 5.
The starting price – 120 million rubles.
The searching for a strategic investor is announced, the results will be summarized on 11 September, 2017.

For detailed information about the Object of sale please see the website of the Auction House of the Russian Federation (the AHRF)