For sale offered 100% of shares in a company, which carries out mineral resources extraction in Kaluga Region

The Auction House of the Russian (AHRF) is preparing for sale 100% of shares in LLC Investment Company, which owned the license for use subsoil – geological study, exploring and extraction of glass-making sands on Dubrovskiy plot in Duminichskiy District of Kaluga Region until 2038.

Besides, the Lot includes land plots above Dubrovskoye and Rechitskoye deposits, full with high-melting clay, glass-making, molding and industrial sands. Total area of the plots is 370 ha.
Starting price – 340 million rubles.

The project of deposit development included in the list of investment projects in Kaluga Region in accordance with the Order of Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation of 21 of January, 2015 № 36-п. Thereby an investor has a possibility of preferential taxation while starting industrial production, and next the enterprise can expect the state co-financing – reimbursement of expenses for interests on credits payment.

Raw material resources of the given deposits can be used in such industries as metallurgy, for production of molding material for steel, iron and non-ferrous casting, glass industry, construction industry (production of brick, ceramics, dry mixes and building materials).

Including 26,000,000 tons of resources on the enterprise books and records will allow to increase a capitalization of the company approximately up to 7.8 billion rubles and, if necessary, can be used as a pledged property while crediting.

“A uniqueness of the given project is that the investor can create the a full-cycle enterprise – from extraction to production of final product on its own territory, that will allow to provide a complete independence with regard to third-party providers and considerably decrease a cost price of the final product.
For today preliminary contracts on delivery of finished products to interested companies: LLC Promkomplekt, CJSC Ksella-Aeroblok-Tsentr, LLC Metron, are concluded.
By appraisal of our specialists the payback period for the given project is from 1.5 years to 4.5 years, depending on chosen strategy of doing business”, tells Dmitry Altbregin, Deputy Director of Moscow Branch Office of the Auction House of the Russian Federation.

The plots located between M-3 Federal Highway (Moscow-Kiev) and a railway line, in the distance of 243 km there is Moscow, in the distance of 98 km there is Kaluga. The nearest railway station “Duminichi” situated in the distance of 11 km of the deposit.

The object are connected by a field road with a “Duminichi Settlement – Duminichi Village” motor road of the Ministry of Road Facilities of Kaluga Region, which in the distance of 5 km northward of the plot has a transit exit (through Duminichi Settlement) to the M-3 Highway.

For detailed information about the object of sale please see the website of the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF)