The AHRF signed a contract on cooperation with The Russian Post (Pochta Rossii)

On 11th June, the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) and the operator of the Russian Post FSUE Russian state postal chain signed a cooperation contract for one year. Under the terms of the contract, the AHRF will sell the company's movable property – railway cars and cars.

As part of the contract, the AHRF will carry out a full range of marketing and promotional activities to promote assets, search for investors, as well as provide full legal support for transactions and bidding holding.

The auction will be held at the ETP AHRF electronic trading platform.
The first auctions will be announced by the end of June.

“The AHRF has a successful experience in selling movable property on behalf of the Ministry of Defense, as well as on behalf of the state companies, such as FGC UES, Gazprom, Roscartography, Rosgeologia, etc. Over the entire period of its operation, the company has made transactions for the amount of more than 5 billion rubles. On average, the lots were sold with an excess of 15-20%, for some lots the price growth reached up to 130%.
I hope that all knowledge and experience of the AHRF will contribute to effective and mutually beneficial cooperation. The contract is concluded only for a year. But taking into account that by the end of the year the Russian Post will complete the process of corporatization, we do not exclude the possibility of continuing joint work with the new Russian Post JSC”, – says Dinara Useinova, Deputy Director General of the AHRF.

For reference:
The Auction House of the Russian Federation was founded on 31st August, 2009 in accordance with the Order of the Government of the RF of 19.08.2009 № 1186-p. One of the main founders is Sberbank. The company's head office is located in Saint Petersburg.
The AHRF is the only company included in the list of:
- the organizers of biddings for the sale of the state property (Order of the Government of the RF № 1874-p of 25.10.2010)
- operators of electronic platforms for the sale of the state property (Order of the Government of the RF № 2488-p of 04.12.2015)
The AHRF sells at the auctions:
- the state property (federal and regional privatization, municipal property, released property of the RF);
- Corporate property (assets of the state corporations and companies with the state participation);
- property of financial and credit organizations (non-core property of banks, including distressed property, as well as assets of financial organizations under liquidation, ASV)
- distressed property (bankrupt's property, rights (claims) on credits)
- private property (including property pledged with the consent of a bank)

During 10 years of work in the market the AHRF has sold assets for the amount of more than 270 billion rubles.