The AHR holds first major deal in 2013 in the regions by order of Sberbank of Russia

The Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHR) has realized at auction “Andronov Estate” in Yaroslavl. The deal was held by order of the owner of the real-estate object – Northern bank of Sberbank of Russia. There were two applications for the auction, and the buyer acquired the state for 37 million rubles.

The building is an object of cultural heritage, and is one of the city sights. Along with the right of ownership, the buyer took on obligations to preserve and maintain the monument of architecture and also to carry out all the necessary repair and restoration works.

Address: Yaroslavl Oblast, Yaroslavl, ul. Tereshkova, d. 29a
Area of building: 536.7 sq. m

“The object of sale has a number of special features: its location, in the center of Yaroslavl, makes it interesting for investors, while the unsatisfactory condition and impossibility of alterations because of the protection obligations restrict the interest of potential buyers. In our opinion, the sale price, 69,000 rub./sq.m., corresponds to the realities of the market and the characteristics of the object,” says Vadim Pirushin, the deputy director of the Moscow office of the Auction House of the Russian Federation.

The Andronov Estate is a merchant’s mansion built in 1871 for a wealthy Yaroslavl merchant who owned tin shops. Andronov is famous for his charitable activity, and supporting the development of education and enlightenment in the city. The magnificent garden with a fountain particularly adorned the estate. During the Soviet period, the garden was removed, and the buildings fell into disrepair. In 1991, the mansion was restored.