Until the end of this year over 90 auctions for the sale of property owned by Moscow region will be hold at Moscow platform of the Auction House of the Russian Federation (RAD).
According to the Forecast Plan of Privatization of the Region Property for 2014–2016 at the auctions for sale offered shares of Moscow region (3 blocks of shares) in 3 joint-stock companies, 2 large property complexes in Noginsk and Elecrtostal’, and also a number of real estate objects for various purposes: non-residential premises located on the territory of the region in Lyubertsy, Balashikha, Noginsk, Scherbinka, Yegorievsk, and on the territory of New Moscow in Red Pakhra.
Simultaneously with the sale of property within the framework of privatization, more than 100 land plots with area from 0.1 to 12 hectares, with the type of permitted use – “for placing the objects of road service”, were formed by the Ministry of Property Relations of Moscow Region.
These land plots are located both along the Moscow Ring Road and close to major routes, including – along the Big and Small Rings. Total area of the plots to be sold – 188.5 hectares.

“As part of the integrated development of infrastructure of the region the Government of Moscow Region made a decision to put up all land plots for placing the objects of the road service for public auction in the 4th quarter of this year. Already this year we offer any company independently evaluates the need for a particular plot. These land plots can be used exclusively for development of related road service: fuel filling stations, gas filling stations, shops, restaurants, hotels with parking for long-distance truck drivers (especially land plots with an area of more than 3 he), which will allow to create parking places for heavy vehicles”, – comments Andrey Averkiev, the Minister of Property Relations of the Region.

We remind that OJSC the Auction House of the Russian Federation was assigned to be the specialized organization for selling the property of Moscow region on the basis of the results of open competition, carried out at the end of 2013. According to the agreement signed with the Government of Moscow Region, RAD will carry out bidding for selling in ownership blocks of shares, the authorized capital ownership interests, real estate and land plots, owned by Moscow region, during a 5-year period.
Organizers of bidding expect that investors will take a great interest in purchasing of state property, making the treasury of Moscow region. “The constructed objects of the road infrastructure will give an impulse to both the development of small and medium-sized business entities in the region and, of course, will be in demand and quickly paid off”, – notes Elena Gaidai, the Director of Moscow Office of OJSC the Auction House of the Russian Federation.