AHR to sell shopping and entertainment center in May

The Auction House of the Russian Federation has announced an auction for the sale of buildings and lots of the “Luna Park” shopping and entertainment center in Kostroma. The auction will be held in a mixed form: applications will be accepted both at AHR offices and on the electronic platform lot-online.ru. The auction date is 30 May 2013. The results will be announced at the Moscow branch of the Auction House of the Russian Federation.

The following are up for auction as a single lot:

1) with land plots:
- two land plots with an area of 9 851.42 sq. m. and 76 sq. m;
- the building of the Luna Park entertainment center with an area of 7 261.5 sq. m.;
- a one-floor building of industrial purpose with an area of 535.5 sq. m.

2) Equipment, with which the objects are equipped: from video surveillance system to escalators.

The objects are equipped with all necessary engineering communications, including separate telephone lines and Internet. There are convenient access roads to the buildings, and a separate parking area.

Address: Kostroma Oblast, Kostroma, ul. Galichskaya, d. 111, lit. B and lit. E.

Starting price – 167 307 859.68 rubles (with VAT)
The auction will be held in the form of an English auction – with an increase of the starting price.

Olga Zheludkova, head of the department for pledged property:
“The sale of a ready business is already a familiar practice for our auction house. This object was built in 2005-2006, the buildings are in a good technical condition and ready for use. The objects are in private ownership, and not encumbered by pledges. So the future buyer, after the registration of the transfer of ownership rights, may commence work.”