AHR proposed to create new micro-district in Lefortovo

On 30 September, an auction will be held in Moscow by the Auction House of the Russian Federation for the sale of a land plot of 8.8 hectares in the Lefortovo district owned by the Almaz-Antei concern. The AHR proposes for the new owner to build an entire urban complex, which will boost the development of the entire Lefortovo area. A multi-purpose complex, hotels, high-rise residential complex, congress and exhibition complex, schools and car parks can be built on the land plot. A detailed concept was presented on the first day of the international PROEstate forum.

The land plot on sale is located on the territory of the Lefortovo district, not far from the center of Moscow. As was noted by the deputy general director for non-core assets, member of the board of directors of the Head system design office of the Almaz Antei concern named for Professor A.A. Raspletin, Andrei Kapustin, at present the land plot has already been freed of industrial facilities, and is being leased out. The annual revenue from the lease holders is around 120 million rubles, including all municipal expenses etc. “The first structure dates from the revolution, but there are no monuments there, so all of the buildings may be demolished,” said Mr. Kapustin.

In accordance with the General plan for the development of Moscow, the territory is located in several functional zones, where the construction of housing, public and business and administrative and business buildings is allowed, as well as educational objects. The permitted height is from 15 to 100 meters on different sections of the land plot.

The Auction House of the Russian Federation is offering developers a new project in the Lefortovo district. It is proposed to create a multi-functional urban complex. “The main idea of the project is to create a multi-functional public and business and residential complex with the inclusion of cultural and educational functions, designed in one style,” says the first deputy general director and member of the board of directors of the AHR Konstantin Raev. “At the same time, the emphasis will not be on building the maximum amount of square meters of residential and business property, but on a sensible approach to organizing zones of general use, and attractiveness from the viewpoint of architecture and the living environment.” According to specialists, it is the effect of synergy of different functions that will make the project as profitable as possible for the future owner.

Experts at the AHR propose to build residential buildings and organize all the necessary infrastructure: work places in commercial objects for adults, a school and a kindergarten for children, retail areas, a sport club, restaurants and cafés, a polyclinic and pharmacies, service businesses and a culture and leisure complex. The project also allows for squares and a boulevard for taking walks, a stadium and a mini-park. The abundance of playgrounds and recreation zones will make life in this area comfortable and attractive for both residents and guests. The project includes: a multi-functional retail and office center of an area of up to 60,000 sq.m., a 4-star hotel of an area of up to 20,000 sq.m.; a residential complex of varying height of an area of up to 66,000 sq.m.; a high-rise living complex of four buildings of a total area of up to 98,000 sq.m.; a school building of an area of 6,358 sq.m.; a concert and exhibition complex of an area of around 6,000 sq.m. Additionally, construction is recommended of underground car parks with a total area of 75,000 sq.m.

Consultants are also talking about the prospects of the land plot. For example, the director of business development at Colliers International in Russia, Vladimir Sergunin, noted that the company sees this land plot is one of the most promising for redevelopment in Moscow at present. The excellent location and transport situation (around 6 km from the Kremlin, a metro station in direct proximity, the proximity to the third transport ring and the Garden Ring, a road with light traffic), and also the lack of similar offers on the Moscow market make it possible to state that this is an attractive object for potential buyers. Mr. Sergunin supported the concept proposed, saying that in this location the development of an urban complex will give the investor the greatest revenue, and also provide an enormous boost to the development of the area around the territory, which at present is primarily industrial. The starting price of the land plot of an area of 8.8 hectares is 1.817 billion rubles including VAT. The expert believes that the price may increase by up to 30% in the course of the auction.

Almaz-Antei concern
The concern was created in 2002, when by the Edict of the Russian President and a Decree of the Government, 46 enterprises were united in the Almaz-Antei concern: factories, scientific and industrial associations, design offices and scientific research institutes, which are responsible for the development and manufacturer of  air defense missile systems of long, medium and short range, basic types of radar systems of radar surveillance and automatic control systems. In 2007, the Concern was enlarged, and is now made up of over 60 enterprises from 17 regions in the country. The concern was the first major holding created as part of the Federal targeted program “Reform and development of the military-industrial complex (2002 – 2006)”.

The Auction House of the Russian Federation
By decision of the Government of the Russian Federation of 25 October 2010, the Auction House of the Russian Federation is authorized to organize auctions for the sale of federal property. By decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 31 January 2013 № 101-r, the Auction House of the Russian Federation was given powers to sell federal property in 36 share packages of state enterprises. All the objects were included in the Forecast plan (program) of privatization of federal property for 2011-2013.

As part of a decree of the Administrative directorate of the Russian Ministry of Culture, the AHR has been given the authority to sell 22 objects of the Russian Ministry of Culture, including monuments of federal significance. The AHR realizes the state property of a number of subjects of the Russian Federation as part of privatization. On the auction platform of the AHR, auctions are held for the sale of property of Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Khanty-Mansiisk autonomous okrug.

Among the clients of AHR are major Russian state companies and state corporations – Russian Railways, Gazprom, the Rosatom state corporation, the Almaz-Antei concern, Territorial Generating Company № 1 and Rossiya airlines. The AHR provides them with services to realize non-core property. Similar activity is carried out as part of cooperation with the largest financial institution in Russia – Sberbank of Russia.

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