RAD summed up the work with Sberbank in the 1st half of 2017 Sales in the North-West region increased by 40% compared with 2016

According to the results of the first half of the year, 285 objects in the North-West region were sold at the auction of the Russian Auction House (RAD) in the interests of the Sberbank, the total value of the sold assets amounted to 1.8 billion rubles. Compared to the same period in 2016, the total sale price of property increased by 40%.

Based on the results of sales for the first half of the year, property in St. Petersburg, Leningrad, Pskov and Kaliningrad oblasts was sold in the interests of North-West Sberbank.
At the auction, premises for street retail, separately standing buildings for office and trade, as well as movable property-vehicles and equipment sold as part of the bankruptcy procedure, were in great demand.
For example, with an almost twofold excess of the price has sold business center «System» on the Vyborg quay in St. Petersburg (sales price – 544,7 million) (sale in bankruptcy), the building company «Baltautotrade» on Prospekt Toreza sold over 52,8 million (sale in bankruptcy), the room under street retail area of 300 square meters on Primorsky Prospekt near the metro station «Chernaya Rechka» sold for 16.7 million rubles (private non-core assets of the Sberbank). In the bankruptcy of CJSC «Mosstroymehanizatsiya» sold more than 160 railway wagons for a total amount of 66.7 million rubles, exceeding some objects reached 500%.

"The increase in the number of assets sold, of course, is connected with the fact that the Sberbank each year reports on the implementation of more new objects. For more than five years, the Sberbank will optimize its branch network in the framework of the program of reformatting of offices throughout the country.
The former offices of the Bank located on the first floors of the houses, the so-called street-retail from Sberbank, is in constant demand. One of the important advantages of such objects – they fall for the first time on sale and not yet familiar to the market. In addition, investor attention attracted by a good location and initial price.
Now gaining momentum a new format of real estate from the Sberbank – «palaces». This detached buildings ranging from 1,000 sq. m. these assets have appeared only in the last year, but now it has its fans. «Palaces» – are ideal for placing the Executive office of the company"says Olga Zheludkova, head of Department on work with troubled and non-core assets of banks RAD.

RAD for more than 5 years successfully cooperating with Sberbank in various areas: sales of own property of the Bank, the pledged assets, the property in the bankruptcy and distressed property – rights of claim on loans. In all the years of work in the interests of Sberbank signed deals across Russia for a total amount of 37.3 billion rubles.