The AHRF entered the list of electronic trading facilities for holding the auctions in the sector of the State Order

By the Order the Government of the RF of 31st December, 2016 № 2933-р the electronic trading facility of the Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) is accredited to hold auctions within the framework of 44-Federal Law (44-FZ) “On contract system in the sector of purchasing of goods, works, services for state and municipal needs provision”.

According to the offer of the Ministry of Economic Development for holding auction under 44-FZ, the electronic facilities, earlier chosen for carrying out the selling of state and municipal property in electronic format under the Order of the Government of RF of 04th December, 2015 № 2488-р.

Thus, since 31rd December, 2016 customers within the framework of the Law 44-FZ have the right to hold e-auctions, including those at the Lot-online facility, owned by the Auction House of the Russian Federation.

For reference.
The Auction House of the Russian Federation is included in the list of the federal property sellers by the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of 25th of October, 2010 № 1874-р.
The AHRF has a considerable experience of the state, federal and regional property selling. Within the framework of privatization the company cooperates with the Government of the Russian Federation, with such regions as Moscow Region, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area – Yugra, Samara and others. Besides, the AHRF sells the non-core property of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, of JSC Garrison, PJSC Rosseti, PJSC FGC UES, PJSC RusHydro, OJSC Roscartography, of other companies with the state participation.
For today the total amount of the AHRF deals with the state property (taking into account federal and regional state assets) is about 58.2 billion rubles.

The Lot-online electronic trading facility is the only All-Russia multipurpose facility for holding COMPETITIVE AUCTIONS in the sector of purchasing, as well as in the sector of all kinds of property selling.
The Lot-online is created and has been operating since October, 2010. For today a total amount of sales at the electronic trading facility is 64.5 billion rubles, number of customers exceeds 45,700, number of lots – 95,100.
Lot-online is the first electronic facility, which is authorized to carry out the sale of federal property in electronic format (the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation № 2176-р of 17.10.16).
Area of business of the electronic facility:
- Trade and purchasing procedures;
- Sale of property of enterprises-bankrupts;
- “E-privatization”.