Sinyavinskaya Poultry Farm is offered for sale at a very low price

The Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHRF) announces about the sale through a public offer of a movable and immovable property of LLC Pskovskaya Poultry Farm bankrupt company, being a part of Rubezh GC.
For sale as a single lot three agricultural sites, located in Pskov and Pskov Region, in Tyamsha and Piskovitchi villages, are offered.
Currently a part of sites is rented by companies of the same sector of industry, by LLC Pskovskiy Feed Milling Plant and by LLC Plemreproductor Naziya (a part of CJSC Sinyavinskaya Poultry Farm).

The biddings will be held through a public offer from 2nd of April until 27th of August. During this period the Lot cost will be declining step by step. The auction winner will become a bidder, offering a maximum price, being at that moment of current interest.
The biddings will start from 543.6 million rubles.
Minimum price – 684.6 thousand rubles.

"The Court set a very low price (reduction almost by 800 times!). For us such a low price is a good possibility to attract at the auction a maximum number of participants and to awake interest in investors of the same industry”, – comments Olga Zheludkova, Head of Department for Work with Troubled and Non-Core assets of Banks.

The property includes all necessary equipment for keeping and breeding of chickens.
• The site in Tyamsha Village is located on a plot with an area of 46.9 ha.
• The site in Piskovitchi Village is located on five land plots with a total area of 34.1 ha.
• The site in Pskov in 1st Posyolochnaya Street, 27, occupies a plot with an area of 8.5 ha.
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For reference:
As a part of the sale of the assets of Rubezh GC the AHRF sold several agricultural sites of Rubezh-Agro Company in Pskov Region for the amount of 17.5 million rubles. A total area of the plots is more than 2 thousand ha.
The Rubezh-Agro property in Pskov Region: land plots, production complexes, residential houses, agricultural machinery and others, is under sale currently.
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