The production site of the Slavyansky housing construction company are up for sale

The Auction House of the Russian Federation (AHR) is preparing to sale immovable property of the manufacturing housing construction company Slavyansky.
Address: St. Petersburg, Pushkin, Avtomobilnaya street, 3B
The lot includes a land plot of an area of five hectares and five non-residential buildings of a total area of 22,500 sq.m.
Price of Object – 1 billion rubles.

The object is located in a zone of good transport access – 30 km from the center of Petersburg, 12 km from the ring road, and 10 km to Pulkovo airport. Two major transport routes pass nearby – the M-10 highway (Moscow direction) and the R-23 (Pskov - Baltic States- Europe direction).

The site is equipped with all necessary engineering networks and resources; there is a functioning access road, and the territory of the complex is asphalted.

“One of the indisputable advantages of the object is its excellent condition. It is a modern production site, including manufacturing, storage and administrative buildings, and has been in constant use. The owner kept good care of its condition, so the site is completely ready for organizing production without additional investments.

The owner of the housing construction company is also prepared to examine the possibility of selling the production equipment, which will allow the new owner to continue the production of housing complexes on the given territory,” says Dmitry Altbregin, the head of department for working with private owners at AHR.

The land plot is designed for placement of objects for producing food products, machines and equipment; it can possibly be used for enterprises of the information and telecommunications sector.

Buildings located on the land plot:
Manufacturing building – 20 829.1 sq. m  (year of construction/reconstruction – 2006/2011).
Warehouse building with loading/unloading ramp – 844 sq. m (year of construction/reconstruction: 2006/2008).
Entrance building – 68 sq. m (year of construction/reconstruction: 2006/2008).
Auxiliary building for repair and assembly management (91% ready ) – 403.1 sq. m (year of construction/reconstruction – 2006/2008)..
Material warehouse (68% ready) – 376.9 sq. m (year of construction – 1991).

Slavyansky housing construction company
The largest enterprise in Russia for the production of frame-panel houses.
In 2008, when phase 2 construction commenced, Slavyansky become the largest frame-panel manufacturer in Russia and one of the largest in Europe by production capacity.
The company facilities allow production of over 200,000 sq.m. of housing per year (1,500-2000 houses per year, depending on the housing plans), with 90% readiness of housing complexes.
The factory specializes both in manufacture of standard houses, and houses designed according to individual projects.
Types of production: one-family and low-rise row houses, low-rise apartment buildings, buildings for seasonal accommodation, low-rise administrative buildings, enclosure structures for high-rise apartment buildings. The manufacturing technology of Slavyansky make is possible to combine various technologies of building construction, including the use of monolithic concrete load-bearing structures. The company’s production has all the necessary certificates.